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florian pinker

Absolutely fell in love with this device Karen had me try out when trimming my summer dress fabric. Going back to ‘regular’ pinking scissors later this week for the rest of my fabric (cottons & rayons) is gonna be a trial. So…

I looked up Florian pinkers online and found the manufacturer here, and YouTube video (below).  There were also various examples for sale on etsy & ebay.

Not endorsing this, just saying I loved working with it because it not only holds & draws the fabric into the little cutting gizmos, but you also don’t get an uneven line because you never have to reposition the cutters. Video says they’re good for all weights of fabric, leather, and heavy crafting papers, too.

Not ready to purchase a new one, tho’.  Will wait until I spy a real 1930s version, as that’s my fav era. The company says they’ll refurbish a pair if they’re not working properly, or dulled. So if the price tag is right, I’ve got dibs!

Manufacturer does ship internationally, or lists dealers that will.