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montalbano: internationally successful

actor Luca Zingaretti from wikipedia click to go to article
actor Luca Zingaretti
from wikipedia
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If you haven’t seen Detective Montalbano, try looking around your local telly channels.  In the U.S., MHz stations frequently include it as part of  their international mystery series.

The opportunity to watch and learn from a meticulously crafted ensemble of performers, both behind and before the camera, is invaluable to anyone involved in the performing arts.  And the music is great!

Now there are 2 hours of videos on how it’s done, led by insights from actor Luca Zingaretti (Montalbano).

Series viewer caution:  This is an Italian television series.  Some viewers may find portions objectionable.

Conversation with Luca Zingaretti (45 min)  A subtitled in-depth conversation with Luca Zingaretti on theatre and screen acting, the importance of one’s soul, the character of Montalbano, and much more.

Detective Montalbano – Making Montalbano (27 min)  From the director’s point of view.

Detective Montalbano – From Page to Screen (29 min) From other artists behind the scenes.

Detective Montalbano – True Sicilians (24 min)  The Sicilian supporting actors add immeasurably to the overall production.

opera or ?

so what makes an opera singer these days?

let’s talk vintage!

used to be an opera singer’s voice would/could fill an auditorium seating 4,000 plus, and float over an orchestra with no microphone.  just their trained understanding and use of the human body’s natural resonance. along with a bazillion other minor details.

anybody every heard a newborn cry?  instant attention for a quarter mile, right?  wonder how??

anne midgette, musical critical & writer for the ny times and washington post did a handy dandy little audio about this very thing for the times.

in a brief 4 minutes she explains & gives 2 examples of just one factor involved.

have a listen.

(Audio, MP3 format)

if above got you thinking, you can read more here.

singing is healthy

here’s an article from last july’s los angeles times about more research into music’s special effects. it seems music, and singing in particular, can have specific health benefits.

“The new research… is the latest to explore the health benefits of making music.”

i’m not a doctor, but i know what students have told me for decades: “you’ve done it again.”  done what?  “i came dragging in here, and i’m leaving feeling great.”

mission accomplished.

Ballet, Costume, Art, Music & Paris

Big exhibit opening this Sunday at Washington, D.C.’s National Gallery of Art, centering on Ballets Russes, including an extensive selection of film, lectures, performances of music and dance, and some costumes on display. Some details & reviews below.  Exhibit runs 12 May to 2 Sept 2013.



Considerations in working with pipe organ accompaniment

These articles are an attempt to alert the professional soloist to some of the details  inherent in working with a pipe organist, many times of necessity using music written for piano. Some general concerns are also listed. In no way is this a complete discussion, and it may be added to in future.  Continue reading Considerations in working with pipe organ accompaniment