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summer dress~ first steps

You really do need to zigzag a fabric like this, especially if it’s rayon, as this one is. The gathered edges still curl, but they’ll be zigzagged all the way down, making raveling seams less ravely. If you’ve got a serger, that’s an even stronger/better edge finish.

Length is a personal thing. Personally, I think mid-calf is good, but I know I have to be careful. Just below the knee is too short for me, mid-calf just focuses attention on my fat calfs, so below the fullest part is my choice. Then I don’t have to lift the skirt every time I climb stairs, and summer breezes can keep me cooler. (Thanks to Karen for taking some photos!)

What’s your choice?

quick summer dress & another sewing bee episode

see all those gathers? i didn't have to do a single one - hehe!

see all those gathers? i didn’t have to do a single one – hehe!

It could be as quick as a seam down the back & then worn, but it’s too long, possibly too snug, and I want some kind of straps.  Must decide how much to shorten, whether/how to do an addition, I’d like pockets, and what kind of shoulder straps to concoct.  Should be interesting to see what the rayon fabric allows.

Have enjoyed these programmes very much, and learned a lot from them. This week’s is no exception, as coincidentally I’ve just purchased & laundered a piece of already-gathered fabric. Always wanted one of those…

photo chalenge: colour (or, Spring sewing projects)

As weather turns into Spring am trying to get inspired to get sewing done.

Thank goodness Good Friend Karen’s coming to blast me out of the doldrums… and help get something bigger than current teeny 20-inch diameter “sewing table” set up.

Have need to get lots of things at least cut out, so trolled thru stash and above is what I’ve seen thus far.

Colour? You betcha! Love wearing it 24 months of the year.  😉

Original WordPress post here.

missing sew grateful week–ack!

SGW+button+overall+200+x+200Lovely Debi, over at My Happy Sewing Place… is having Sew Grateful Week this week.  And I’ve missed participating in just about all of it.

One of the things I’m grateful for, in addition to you, Lovely Readers, are her delectable posts, chock-a-block full of information!

For example: Anybody ever heard of Dutch pockets?  Nor I.  Debi’s got an excellent photo from 1940 here to illustrate.

Note that the photo is also a great example of something I mentioned, mixing dark & light fabrics together in a blouse.  If done correctly, as in Debi’s example, it has slimming effect.

Sew grateful for you all!