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weekly photo challenge: summer lovin’

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Sum”mer, n. [OE. sumer…] The season of the year in which the sun shines most directly upon any region; the warmest period of the year.

Summer’s been the most difficult season for me to sew for. (Sorry about the grammar!)  Until last summer.   Inspired whilst doing some late spring pattern shopping with my pal, Karen, I bought some summery styles, then made up 2 of them mid-season.

Low and behold, I wore them.  Lots.  And this summer have made more.  And am wearing them all.  Wa-hooo!

Along the way have come to grips with some old thinking: you shouldn’t make the same thing twice.  Have learned and begun practicing TNT: Tried & True patterns.  Ahhhh!

Now should push meself to try out another pattern or two….



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weekly photo challenge: relic

Rel”ic, n. [L. reliquiae, pl., akin to relinquere to leave behind.]  1. That which remains; that which is left after loss or decay; a remaining portion; a remnant.

“a remnant”
A magic word for people who sew!  The remnant table/box/end-of-the-bolt section is often the first place we’ll look.  Even online fabric sites are starting to include them.

I’ve found some great pieces in those piles, including these.


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weekly photo challenge: contrasts

fabric for the next version
fabric for the next version

CON*TRAST“, v. t.   2. (Fine Arts) To give greater effect to, as to a figure or other object, by putting it in some relation of opposition to another figure or object.

Getting ready for The Monthly Stitch July challenge with yet another Vogue DKNY 1236...  Fabric is from stash; don’t know what the content is.


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weekly photo challenge: between

unknown pattern for plain dress cool & very comfortable nice drape, too!

Be*tween“, prep. [OE. bytwene, bitweonen… prefix be – by + a form fr. AS. twā two…]  1. In the space which separates…

raiding the ufo pile
Between new dress making, I had a yen to pull out a couple of projects ageing nicely in the UnFinished Objects pile… must have been the heat.

Anybody remember this pretty rayon?  Looking at it again, the design didn’t seem off-grain, and it was all cut out, so I decided to give it a go.  It can always be a never-wear-in-public dress.

Whit, am I the only one with one of those?

There was no pattern with the fabric; shoulders and one side seam had been sewn; no darts, sleeves, or collar.  Heigh-ho.  It got a rinse out, and hung up to dry.  Next day I finished the neck and arms with bias binding, and it was done.  Alas, thought the fabric too delicate & lightweight for pockets.

Stay cool… warm, if you’re below that equator!


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oh, joy! a new dress!

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The fabric was aging nicely in a stash pile, but a couple of recent acquisitions made me wonder if they’d all make an outfit, and they do!

But just before cutting out the planned Vogue (#1236, with center front pleats), I decided to try a different-but-similar pattern…  Two pockets got successfully added, darts arranged, and the self-lined bodice got skipped in favor of softer, cooler rayon binding.  Didn’t need to adjust length.

Also eliminated the deep V-neck.  No faffing about wondering how to keep the neckline modest-but-not-too… a pin, a button, a popper… agh, leave it off!  Also didn’t add any crafty decorations.  With that print?!

Given all the changes, now half wish I’d stuck with the other pattern.  But the dress is done, has been worn, and will do.  What more can a girl ask?!

current & future pockets
Whilst remembering to add those pockets I decided to enlarge a copy of my favourite pattern’s instructions (Vogue 1236) and also made a copy of the pocket pattern. They’re now pinned to my pattern board for handy use throughout the summer.  And Autumn.  Probably Winter, too…


weekly photo challenge: room

Let’s talk about clothing for hot, humid summer day wear.  As in room to be comfortable.
(with thanks for the suggestion from me Sydney-sider mate!)

Vogue 1236
Vogue 1236

Room, n. [… prob. to L. rus country … wide, free, open; ravan a plain.]  Unobstructed space…

I’m about to make my 3rd, and possibly 4th, versions of DKNY Vogue 1236 (left), with maybe one or two more knits out of a lengthened #B from Butterick 5432 (below).

Why, or why didn’t I do this last summer, as soon as I’d made the first versions and wore them continually?!

Butterick 5432
Butterick 5432

Simple. I very mistakenly thought I should be doing different styles, mixing and matching.  Never gave a thought to the concept of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

With thanks to Kerry Greenwood’s couture maven, Phryne Fisher,  who’s always donning a cool cotton or silk shift in 1920’s Melbourne summer heat, I’m finally allowing del to do the same.

Nothing restrictive in summer.  And nothing that requires restrictive underpinnings either.  No belts, no fitted anything anywhere!

Phew!  I feel sooo much better. . .

What makes you feel comfortable when it’s 100 degrees F+100% humidity?!



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rainy end-of-may dress

Decided to tackle some rayon jersey, in the stash for almost a year.  I’ve 2 pieces, and pulled out the smaller, planning to make a sleeveless tank, but it’s super width allowed an extension into an A-line dress.  Yeah – who woulda guessed!

The pattern (Butterick 5432, 2009) was just a front and back – easy-peasy on a lazy day, right?  Except the rayon was super soft and light, and I didn’t intend to faff about refolding it.  So the back got cut with a seam instead of on-the-fold.

Then there were those super wide selvages on both sides, which got chopped off before I overlocked/serged the back seam.  Being super lazy – and not wanting to worry about missing some of the selvage in the back seam – I serged down each back piece to cut off the selvage, then sewed the 2 backs together.  It was faster than trying to cut the filmy fabric!

Something got me started down the road to re-using the selvage in place of clear elastic to reinforce the shoulder seams.  Oh, yeeees… I was too lazy to get up & get it. Lol!  Then I got carried away and used it around the neckline, too.  In for a penny, in for a pound.  The selvage didn’t stretch much in either direction, and made it around the curves nicely.  But I gave up on the arms and simply turned them under before stitching.

I stitched bits of selvage to the shoulder seams, then used the remaining selvage to go round the neck, leaving small gaps where the shoulder seams were already reinforced.  That eliminated bulky layers at the shoulder seams, and used most of the selvage.

The neckline strips were wide enough to allow a good fold over, and then got sewn with a small picot edge. After finishing there was still to much of that selvage, so I carefully trimmed it off, wishing all the while I had a pair of sharp trimming scissors.

No Hand Stitching, and completed that evening.  Was I evah chuffed!

rayon “denim” dress

Had been thinking about doing this for ages, if there was enough leftover fabric in stash.  So I finally checked, and there was – yeah!

And the finished product…


weekly photo challenge: spring

about an inch above the measuring tape you can see the small pleat I made, hand stitching small facings on either end... hope it's not too long this time!
about an inch above the measuring tape you can see the small pleat I made, hand stitching small facings on either end… hope it’s not too long this time!

Spring, n. [AS. spring a fountain, a leap.] 9. The season of the year when plants begin to vegetate and grow… Spring of the astronomical year begins with the vernal equinox, about March 21st, and ends with the summer solstice, about June 21st.

Lots of ways to use the word “spring” and  I had to move down the list to get to the season, which has passed the halfway mark without much real change in the weather. (grumble, grumble ~ haven’t been able to think anything but fleece for months)

However, I’ve finally begun to bring out clothes for warmer weather, and to make some changes.  To wit…

Remember this dress from last year?   I’d always felt it a little short. Having discovered a bit more of the fabric during my organising bout, I decided to remedy the length by adding a piece, putting a slight excess into a small side pleat.  Much more in keeping with the dress (pleats at neckline) than a ruffle.

Hopefully, more to come in weather, and something besides fleece!


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weekly photo challenge: threshold


Amy Barickman’s book, Vintage Notions, opened the door to my finding out about Mary Brooks Picken, which led me to reprints of ome of her booklets from the 1920’s and including the Singer book from the 1950’s.  How’s that for a book being the threshold to a wonderful world of vintage sewing ideas/!

Thresh”old, n. [OE. threswold, þreshwold, AS. þrescwald, þerscwald, þerscold, þrescold, fr. þrescan, þerscan, to thresh; akin to Icel. þreskjöde, þröskuldr, Sw. tröskel, Dan. tærskel. See Thrash. 1.]  The plank, stone, or piece of timber, which lies under a door, especially of a dwelling house, church, temple, or the like; the doorsill; hence, entrance; gate; door  2. Fig.: The place or point of entering or beginning, entrance; outset; as, the threshold of life.

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