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what did i do this weekend?

daaark chocolate ice milk that was better as a milk shake
daaark chocolate ice milk that was better as a milk shake

As little as possible, besides scouring 2 web sites for clues on what to send my two swap mates, and pawing through all my stashes to see what made me think of which new mate.  Fun? You betcha!

Besides the obligatory washing, cleaning, cooking, etc., I also tried me hand at making ice milk.  Ice milk?, you ask.  That was the thing back in the … whenever it was that Americans started getting paranoid about the cream in their milk.

All store-bought ice cream, frozen yogurt, & gelato is waaay too sweet for me, and I’ve been hunting for recipes.  Finally saw this on Jessica’s blog and thought I’d give it a try.

with thanks to ??? for posting this
with thanks to ??? for posting this

I scalded the remnants of my quart of nonfat milk (not having evaporated milk on hand), stirred in a few cubes of very dark chocolate, and stuck it in the freezer.  Then eagerly stirred it every half hour or so, trying to replicate the effects of churning ~ remembering mum doing that when making ice cream in those old metal ice cube trays in the early 60s, before dad got an ice cream churn.

Mine turned out hard as a rock, and unsuitable for anything except a very slushy but delicious, milk shake.  After thawing for several hours in the frig, that is.  Might try the frozen custard recipe next, with half-n-half….

But I did mix up a batch of Josée’s delicious double chocolate coconut (which I add for chewiness) brownies that I bake in a square pan instead of as muffins. Yes, I know they have to bake longer that way, & I don’t do them in the summer, but I was desperation!  I get 16 pieces from the pan, and I know the 12 cupcakes wouldn’t last nearly as long.

And my swap mates’ boxes are In The Mail ~ yeah ! ! !

Teresa down in Rio will get hers in… a couple of weeks, probably, after clearing customs, but my secret notions swap mate will get hers this week!  Hope they’re both pleased, and have as much fun with the contents as I had picking them out!

process, process, process… and impatience!

May I report, Dear Readers, that I do not like hot, humid weather? And possibly, as a consequence, don’t have many me-mades for said season??  There’s also the eternal problem of either Not Finding The Right Pattern, or Not Finding The Right Fabric. Am I the only one who struggles with these??? Puh-lease tell me I’m not!

At the moment, am sitting with me feet up by open windows, eating cake* & occasionally typing a word or two, virtuously awaiting laundry to complete its’ wash & dry cycles, totally ignoring the piles of fabric all over the bedroom closet floor.

Because, you understand, moi has decided, once laundry is done, to do a major sort out of The Stash and make 2 piles, Hot and Cold weather fabrics. Upon reflection, I’d thought about doing it before moving, but gave it up when massive indecision over what to pack, one item at a time, hindered the whole removals process. You know I didn’t want to make the mistake of ditching fabric, then later wishing I hadn’t.  ;-(    Now the move’s done, and hope the sort will be easier.


Can’t believe how quickly that 1 pile from last night’s rummage became 2 – it didn’t take 10 minutes! But something tells me that if I do what in my heart I know needs to be done – measure & note length, width & type of each fabric, and take it’s photo – there will be a lot more than 10 measly minutes gone. Maybe I’ll just begin with the summer fabrics, and leave the winter for later…

Read a quote somewhere recently from Ann R, winner of this season’s Great British Sewing Bee. She said that the preparation time of a project can seem to take forever, but is an essential part of the entire process. Hmm. Know she’s right, but it can seem very tedious indeed…

* Josée’s double chocolate muffins, with bran, so I can pretend I’m just eating a daily bran muffin – hehe!

happy autumn!

muffin~ cake
muffin~ cake

To honor my favorite season’s arrival, and matching weather (yeah!), I decided to make up Josée’s double chocolate oatmeal muffins… except they turned into cake.

I fiddled with the recipe a bit, just to suit what was in the larder & personal taste, then baked at 350 more or less for almost an hour. With the chocolate chips being melted internally, it was a little difficult to judge when it was done. But my nose told me (real death-by-chocolate aroma), and the results are definitely scrumptious!

Hope everyone has a lovely season!

(And thank you so much for the recipe, Josée!)