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a ‘duh’ moments week

autumn skirt, from CA super stash, at least 12 years old
autumn skirt, from CA super stash, at least 12 years old

Have had a few of those this week, starting Monday whilst ironing the unruly facings of a RTW Stewart plaid flannel top.  Don’t particularly care about it being pretty, just want to be able to button it.

Then it hit: I own a needle & thread.  And a sewing machine.  And my home-made facings are always sewn down.  Duh!

My mini cape is now was in season; but, because it’s lined, it slipped off, and my closure was more decorative than functional.  Fixed.  Of course, now the weather’s warm.  😉

Then a tough decision:  Lengthen trousers probably in their last season, or leave them?  I was good.  Also got a green scarf’s hem mended.

That fall rayon skirt is completely picked apart, rewashed, ironed, and ready to become a mobius-style scarf.  But another project is threatening to intervene with a problem.  Heeeeelp!  Need opinions/suggestions badly!

Meanwhile, the rayon’s siren call doth beckon…


saturday spitalfields update: colour!

Samantha of Ultimate Vintage Upcycle reports, “Have been moved to stall number 38 for Spitalfields Market on Saturday. 

We should be easy to spot as it will look like an explosion in a paint factory COLOUR COLOUR and a tad more COLOUR!”

Everyone near London head over, give Samantha a hug, & start looking at the buttons, ribbons, vintage upcycled items, ribbons, laces, and haberdashery from across Europe over the last 100 years.

WOWser, has she got gorgeous things!   Do send us a piccie of your finds.

saturday, stall #37, old spitalfields, london!

click to see Samantha's post about these pillows!
click to see Samantha’s post about these pillows!

Wish I could be transported for the debut of Samantha’s Ultimate Vintage Upcycle stall at Old Spitalfields Market this Saturday… sigh!

She’s collected some very rare fabrics & notions, and upcycled them in delightful ways.

You simply will not belief the love and care that’s gone into these, including documenting the history of each, passing it on for the latest owners to know, talk about, and treasure.

2 sets red buttons
remember these? by the GROSS she’s got ’em, and many more!

Don’t believe me?  Read a bit of Samantha’s blog or Facebook and you’ll see!  Or read a couple of me older posts about here & here.

my suggestion: arrive early & bring lots cash ~ and say “del sent me!”

Beginning Monday next, she will begin selling on Facebook with PayPal.

Old Spitalfields Market map ~ scroll down the page
“The nearest Tube stations are Liverpool Street, Shoreditch High Street and Aldgate East, all around 5 minutes away. Old Street Tube station is a 15-minute walk, as is Moorgate.  See www.tfl.gov.uk for all bus routes etc.”

labor day monday

Using the American spelling as it’s the official Labor Day weekend, sort of the equivalent of the U.K.’s August Bank hol.  Whatever you call it wherever you are, Dear Readers, hope it’s happy & productive for you.

Last week was a bit of a crunch here, as 2 sewing challenges both had their deadlines 31 August.  The Sew Weekly Reunion was emailed in when the posts went up here and here.  But the second challenge was posted elsewhere… and I took a couple days off before posting here.  Do hope you’ll forgive me!

The Monthly Stitch completed it’s first month’s challenge, to make a cape, and that’s what was on my cutting table.  Click the link and check it out!

A-nother cape??? you ask.  Yes, Dear Reader, another cape.  I wanted to get it right, and it took 2 patterns and some tweaks before I felt comfortable cutting into that gorgeous baby corduroy from Samantha’s swap box.

Never one to overlook an opportunity, I made certain the trials were also wearable… although that first one I think I’m going to also use denim and make reversible.  Third time felt right, and I even managed some embellishment that included some of those sweet little wooden buttons Samantha also sent.

was this planned out or what?! such a super-duper package for my very first swap!  definitely want to do this again!
was this planned out or what?! such a super-duper package for my very first swap! definitely want to do this again!

Must admit the last 2 days have felt a bit empty.  No deadlines. Nothing sewing, just a bit of clearing up, and some major in-decision as to what project I most want to take on next…

Of course, lurking at the back of me mind is the September Monthly Stitch challenge: vintage patterns!

Hmmmm… have several vintage patterns to choose from, and a whole stash of fabric… This is gonna be a great month!

continued creative cape challenge

Was going to cut out the Peppermint Cape pattern Friday night, but was immersed in buttons instead.  About that link – when you click it, scroll down past the other free patterns to see the cape.  Free patterns?!  y-e-s.  Wanna bet you stop along the way?  hee-hee!

The cape got scheduled for Saturday, and the pattern went together easily. I even remembered to lengthen all the appropriate pieces, but considering there were only 3, that’s not saying much. But considering last week’s experience, also with only 3 pattern pieces, this was a good start.

Digging around in my scraps drawer I discovered what looked to be enough of the red cotton Lycra I’d just used for culottes. Good. I could use a top to go with the bottom.

Weeellll, there wasn’t quite enough.  I needed to piece half a sleeve, but the remaining scraps just were not cooperating.  But I got it, sort of.  Half the pattern’s going vertically & half horizontally.  Consider it a creatively challenging cape.   😉

Decided not to line the cape, as the cotton is a medium weight, and this is technically a test garment. There’s no raveling with the cotton Lycra fabric, so I seamed around the whole thing and called it quits.

Mind you, there was that last sleeve, which I started to pin wrong way round. Deva vu.  Luckily I caught it, and switched the shoulder seam to the inside.  Wa-hoo! No unpicking this time!  And extra cred for using my flex curve to round the top corners of the neck.  Just thought it oughta match the bottom front’s curved edge. Besides, getting a crisp corner in that fabric woulda been tricky at best.

So tell me, just amongst us friends, whaddya really think ?! Now be honest, puh-lease!