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Sewing up the cape was a snap, after having done an almost identical cape as a test. But I wanted to get the details right, and that took as much time as the sewing!

To line, or not to line?  Decided to line it and used the machine to sew right sides together, leaving a small unsewn bit down at the bottom of the cape. That’s where I turned everything to the right side.  A quick bit of hand sewing, and lining was compete. Then decided to stitch all the way round, after pinning all the way round. Looked better, although it’s almost invisible.

And cutting out the lining – decided to add a bit of width for some give.  Se that little leat of fabric underneath the label?  He-he!

Samantha had sent the most precious little buttons, but they’re wooden and look to be hand-painted.  Decision: Use them and hand-wash cape or take off buttons before each laundering?  Still undecided about that, but leaning toward hand washing.  They’re just too perfect to leave off!

If I used the buttons, what else could I use to get closure, so to speak?  Buttonholes didn’t even enter into me thinking.  Briefly toyed with using a skinny ribbon made from the lining… but button holes were too tiny for that, as well as 1/4″ ribbon.

But I really liked the ribbon (from stash) and it matched the lining.  More thinking… Ah, buttons can be wrapped around. They don’t have to go through a hole for a closure.  So I used one button as an anchor for several long pieces of ribbon.

I like it – what do you think?

weekly photo challenge: focus (warning ~ more buttons!)

button row 1
button row 1

Decided to share the luscious array of buttons on a couple of shelves from friend Karen’s Craft Room.  They do show how focus can alter a piccie – either stretching out in a row of buttons in jars (above), or focusing on 1 specific button in a jar (below).

fa-a-a-bulous button!
fa-a-a-bulous button!

My favourite button is the large square yellow 2-hole, in the foreground of the above close-up.  The details of the rows of buttons are more generalized, but do show a little the extent of her collection. And you thought I was obsessed!

FO”CUS, n. plu. focuses, or foci. [L. focus, a fire, the hearth.]  1. In optics, a point in which any number of rays of light meet, after being reflected or refracted; as the focus of a lens.  2. In geometry and conic sections, a certain point in the parabola, ellipsis and hyperbola, where rays reflected from all parts of these curves, concur or meet.  3. A central point; point of concentration.

(hover your mouse over the photo to see the caption)

The official post is here.

wooden buttons arrive!

wooden buttons from WitNWhimzy
wooden buttons from WitNWhimzy

Today’s mail included the last order in my current button craze – all from Laura Pytlik of WitNWhimzy.

I think some of the buttons are quite old.  At least one has paint on the underside, but it’s worn off on the top… mostly. These beauties have character.  And now my task is to find the right fabric to really set them off.

Gee, can I stand the strain?


mooore buttons ~ ain’t they gorgeous?!

Laura Pytlik, of WitNWhimzy wrote,

“I’m addicted to these patterns and buttons, but have no sewing skills to speak of. So I love seeing talented people bring them into reality!”

Don’t know about the talent bit, but I’m delighted to do my part in sharing my enjoyment of her etsy shop’s wares!

Now, which one’s your favorite? No way can I make up my mind… those caramel with brown centers are great!  But the red star with the sparkly heart is super, too.  Some of these are wooden and  painted!  Oh, golly gee whiz . . .    🙂


W-O-W !!  Samantha's sofa on Sunday
W-O-W!!! Samantha’s sofa on Sunday

What can ya say about Wednesday?  Middle of the week, hump day, half way to the weekend… I’m hoping it’s button delivery day. Yep!  Ordered more buttons from Laura at WitNWhimzy last  weekend.  Will keep you posted, Lovely Readers!

Not much else to report except several days spent slogging through researching updates for programs on-line, time spent downloading said updates & programs ~ all that computer infrastructure stuff. All taking just enough concentration so’s I couldn’t step away and cut out a pattern, or sew a seam… but wait a minute!  I’ve still got UFO’s…  ah-ha!  maybe they’ll do for now……..

Fasten your seat belts, Lovelies, & prepare for a rockin’ ride through the haberdashery & fabric stalls of an East End Market Saturday with my Secret Swap-Mate Samantha & her 2 daughters.  Have to recommend you look at all her photos, as they are priceless, and so are her comments.  Her first piece is sooo true, and I laughed meself silly reading it and identifying 100%. Hope you enjoy it, and her, too!

Can you imagine that big a haul in 1 day???!!!!  Way ta’go ! ! !

new green buttons stash!

spent my friday night planning out what to do with these jammy green buttons from Laura at WitNWhimzy!
spent my friday night planning out what to do with these jammy green buttons from Laura at WitNWhimzy!

The green buttons arrived late Friday, after I’d already saturated your week with posts, so I delightedly spent the evening sorting through almost 100 buttons from Lovely Laura at WitNWhimzy. Aren’t they just G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S-???  Well, even if you’re not a fan of green buttons, you must admit it’s an impressive selection!

lovely anne adams cape pattern i'll cut down a tad in size as it's a larger pattern
lovely anne adams cape pattern i’ll cut down a tad in size as it’s a larger pattern

And in the same envelope arrived an Anne Adams pattern for a great 50s cape. I’d planned on using it for my August Monthly Stitch challenge, but then Samantha’s wonderful package arrived from U.K., and I fell in love with the baby-soft corduroy she’d sent.  Not enough fabric for the A.A. cape, and not really suited to its businessy design, in my opinion. But I have another plan in mind for the corduroy.  😉

Friday night I couldn’t help myself – being in button mode, you understand – and ordered 3 more batches of buttons from Laura that I’d been admiring since finding her etsy shop.

Folks, she reports she has over 500 patterns and oodles & gobs more buttons still to put up, so bookmark her site! Just remember I get dibs on the wooden ones!

is this THE green button??
is this THE green button??

oh-oh-oh! am sooo excited !!!! my swap parcel arrived!!!!!

Will be posting all my photos in a bit. Just had to get a quick notice up to say my Lovely Secret Swap Partner IS FROM THE U.K. ! ! ! ! !  I was sooo hoping, but didn’t dare to even think about it!

More in a tic…. Meanwhile, do click over to her brand new blog. Samantha has wonderful skills, lots of sewing experience, a great sense of humour, and lovely model-daughters.

Enjoy, whilst I fiddle with photos…

green buttons… what green buttons??

actually, this is the remnant of the remnant, which i'm keeping, just in case...
actually, this is the remnant of the remnant, which i’m keeping, just in case…

It all started with this wonderful remnant of greens from some time last year. I couldn’t resist it, and decided it needed to become a simple sleeveless tee-smock-dress-whatever would fit.  Then suddenly the weather turned cold, and sleeveless was the last thing on the To-Do list.

Enter current hot, humid summer. And this pattern, picked up on sale somewhere… a great simple design (as in won’t-need-much-fabric).

Last Saturday I got everything out and stood on my head trying to lay out the fabric evenly. Guess what? Those stripes come and go, and they are NOT a straight line.  I needed 2 folds, so the fabric had to be folded evenly on both sides, toward the middle, so they met in the center. Think about how a staple looks from the side – each end folded over toward the center. That’s what I needed to do.

Normally I’d just start flipping each side of the fabric toward the center and slide it around until I got the proportions and grain right.  Nice idea, but cotton knit is slightly fuzzy and likes to stick to itself.  grrrrrrrrr.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t measure twice and cut once, as the DIY shows say… there’s a reason why there’s “lovely detail”  at the bottom of this.

On the plus side was getting the serger switched from black to white thread, adjusting the loopers so they were more or less correct, and generally becoming intimately re-acquainted with my ancient machine.  Another reason for a slight lapse?  Maybe, but I’m sticking with “creative detail.”   🙂

is this alllllll???????
is this alllllll???????

Yesterday afternoon, tired of sewing more layers onto the bottom, I thought about adding a just-decorative button or two at the neck.  Then I poured over my button stash and came up with… only 4 mismatched green buttons?!  How could I have allowed that to happen? And I’ve got all this green fabric??

Ruminating about that and staring at the blouse patterns I hope to work on, I suddenly remembered a small needle-like gizmo that’s perfect for working serger ends into seams. With all the cutting & serging I’d done, the inside of this thing had a spider’s web of tails and that would neh-vah do!  That little process I’m sticking into a post all it’s own.

Laura's green buttons flying cross country to moi!
Laura’s green buttons flying cross country to moi! (photo from her etsy store – thank you!)

While engaged in that project I went back to thinking about how to get some good green buttons… quickly.  Obviously the shops hadn’t had much, or I’d already have them.  Enter etsy… and the wonderful world of online search machines & photos.

On the first page I found my green button stash… er, it’s beginning.  WitNWhimsy, owned by Laura Pytlik, had this great group of green buttons and I had to have them.  Great price – great location – great selection, and they’re in the mail as I type!

I also ordered a wonderful Anne Adams pattern, but more about that another day.  Remind me tomorrow to tell you about the other Saturday fiasco project…

complete except for button trim!
complete except for button trim!

i’m going to Rio next week ! ! !


Well, not me actually, but my winter swap package will be, to Sewing for Me.  Whoo-hoo! ! !

Luckily, we both have the same colouring, so my fabrics will look good with her complexion.  I’ve checked Wikipedia and see the average temperature year round is low 70s (F), so the fabrics will be light & medium weight – more will fit into that box!

Wanna see what’s going?  Oh-no!  You’ll have to wait until it arrives in Rio, and read about it on her blog. 😉

Hee-hee! ! !

By then I should have her package, and we’ll both be posting!

Thanks again to wonderful  Dresses & Me for putting the swap together, just before going to U.K.