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missing sew grateful week–ack!

SGW+button+overall+200+x+200Lovely Debi, over at My Happy Sewing Place… is having Sew Grateful Week this week.  And I’ve missed participating in just about all of it.

One of the things I’m grateful for, in addition to you, Lovely Readers, are her delectable posts, chock-a-block full of information!

For example: Anybody ever heard of Dutch pockets?  Nor I.  Debi’s got an excellent photo from 1940 here to illustrate.

Note that the photo is also a great example of something I mentioned, mixing dark & light fabrics together in a blouse.  If done correctly, as in Debi’s example, it has slimming effect.

Sew grateful for you all!

another view…

drawing courtesy of Vogue/McCall's web site
drawing courtesy of Vogue/McCall’s web site

This line drawing is easier to look at and see the pieces of the pattern.  It’s from the Vogue/McCall’s web site.  Just click the pattern photo in the previous entry or this one & scroll down the page to see it.

Sometimes photos and/or drawings just don’t show clearly what’s what, so I find I usually go to these drawings before buying a pattern.  Wonder how the pattern companies evolved these?  Might be interesting marketing history!

being brave…


Or trying to visualise what these fabrics would look like together.

Am thinking a princess-seamed blouse, with darker on the outside & lighter on the inside, if there’s enough of the blue for skinny-sleeved version.

Blue is supposed to be rayon, but feels like very soft flannel.  Rayon flannel remnant. maybe?

Teeny plaid is soft 100% cotton from my fabulous CA stash.  Really fringes beautifully, so want to incorporate that feature, too.  And maybe some lovely red button down the front…

V8598: one of my choices, bought last summer on sale.  art courtesy McCall's-Vogue site
V8598: one of my choices, bought last summer on sale.
art courtesy McCall’s-Vogue site

What do you think?

blouse fabric!


Fabric from post holiday sales above.  All are 100% cotton, soft and breathable… except that solid red might become a skirt.  Hm.  Have to think about that one.  Cherries & berries are plentiful, and how appropriate will that be for Washington’s birthday next month.  Might even find cute buttons somewhere.  As long as that’s not gilding the lily.


Sweet & soft, this blue & whiter cotton might make a cool set for warm summer nights.

What I really couldn’t resist for summer was something green!


Plus half a dozen Vogue patterns at veeery low price – hehe!!!

Was very bad, but that sale was so good.

starting the new year with vintage

adore this gal, which contains 2 potholders & hangs in Mrs. K's kitchen
adore this gal, which contains 2 potholders & hangs in K’s kitchen

After an unexpectedly busy December, including family things, it’s time to re-group and get back to normal… which means one thing here: vintage!

Am at my favorite, veddy-veddy exclusive B&B for  lovers of vintage things – the private home of dear friends K & G.  My ‘suite’  includes the wolf room, bath, and library, as well as full use of the craft room right across the library.

Their house is better than a museum or antique shoppe, because there are so many collections of things I love ~ vintage patterns, fabrics, laces, buttons &  jewelry.  And I can touch everything – tee-heee!

G has his man cave, where he works his magic on antique metal trucks, so K & I are able to do our things guilt-free.  Here are a few highlights… click any photo to start the slideshow.

Happy 2013 to all!