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. . . catching up . . .

front of blue sorbetto see the pocket just above left dart?
front of blue sorbetto
see the pocket just above left dart?

Saturday I wore the blue up-cycled first version of Colette’s Sorbetto pattern to lift my spirits a bit, and do a casual wear test. It failed.

Will give it another try, this time with a pin to close up the neckline, which was so big it kept sliding off my shoulders. Why I didn’t noticed that before I haven’t a clue.

Wore the yellow yesterday, and it was much better, although I’d left the men’s shirt tails intact, and they’re too long.

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blouse basics

Hadn’t posted a piccie of this completed Renfrew, so here it is!   😉 (Whoops! Sorry about forgetting the title.)

A couple weekends ago I spent time perfecting the Sorbetto pattern fit, using two gigantic man’s (men’s?) shirts bought last summer at a thrift shop.

I’d cut off the sleeves and collars, then worn them around the house. The fabrics were great, but I didn’t quite know what else to do to them, so they went into stash.

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did you know . . . . .

Saturday coming up (13 June) is World Wide Knit In Public (KIP) Day. And they’re including crochet and other hand crafts.  Click here to see what’s doing in your part of the world.

Whee! The latest issue of Seamwork from Coletterie has something familiar. That bottom right knit is what I used for my second  renfrew.

also on the weekend . .  .   .    .
Bought Grainline’s newest Morris Blazer, but didn’t assemble it. Made most of one Sorbetto, upcycling a huge men’s charity shop shirt, and assembled the SBCC Limoncello pattern. (Thank you for the gift, Ali!) Continue reading did you know . . . . .

vivid & new from across the pond

Guess what came in the mail Friday, with the cyber ink barely dried on my order?

Miracle of snail mail miracles – the White Tree fabric I’d ordered only 5 days before!

Haven’t gotten that kind of service anywhere else. Everything was properly wrapped in plastic and identified, making it super easy if I’d decided to order more. And a nice discount card on my next order included, too. Continue reading vivid & new from across the pond

famous last words, or still on the way…

As in not buying any fabric. Sure.  Doing some research/reading last night on blouses and their role in a wardrobe got me thinking.

How many blouses are there in my wardrobe… maybe half a dozen, & half of the half have fitting issues.   THREE???


Hmmmm m m m m m m  m  m    z     z     z      z         zzzzz

Today lovely friend Amanda, over at Sew Deputy, posted 2 blouses she’d just made for her mum. I saw The Fabric.

I snapped.

And soon will have the following, to begin to fill one G-I-A-N-T wardrobe hole.


Mam's blouse                    Amanda's blouse

updates: orange & green!

orange renfrew update
As you see above, I started re-making this orange knit using Sewaholic’s Renfrew pattern. After basting in one sleeve, I tried it on. The neckline was too wide by about 2” & the sleeve was about 1” too low. 2 sleeves = 2 inches, no?

When I pinched the neckline in 2”, the sleeve was fine. But then I forgot to check the rest of the top – oh, no! Will baste up the other side, and check that when there’s time.  🙂

Meanwhile, have continued searching online for FBA’s used with the Renfrew. there are quite a few out there, so I’ve lots to choose from.

green flannel pj bottoms update
The legs are finally sewn right way round, with waist band & hems to be done. Want to adjust the waist for uber comfort. Maybe a drawstring… ah, just got an idea!

Haven’t baked since last week’s crackers, which I’m loving. Am craving chocolate, but only Ginger nuts are in the tin just now. Speaking of them, can you believe McVities’ Digestives are $5 USD now!!?? Collecting recipes… share yours if you’d like! And stay tuned!



(also part of the wordpress photo challenge)

travel theme: unexpected (upcycling discovery)

Don’t often have Ailsa’s themes here, but this seemed made to order!

About 6 months ago I visited a local thrift shop, hoping to find some large sizes of clothing I could cut up for fabric.  Instead, I was immediately attracted to quite different items, and what unexpected surprises I’ve found linking them into my summer wardrobe!

Last autumn, I found some great warmer weather blouses, plus skirts that became fabric for stash, as well as winter wear.  Now it’s hot enough to start using the warm weather purchases, and I’m having fun coordinating.  A huge change from 12 months ago!

Two great finds were a couple of linen shirts – a khaki Caribbean Joe camp shirt, and a 3/4-length sleeved multitude of beigey browns – in perfect condition.  The green is definitely a summer shirt, and has already been worn numerous times, as it pairs nicely with most of my green wardrobe. The beigey brown has been quite useful on cool days when longer sleeves are needed, and the neutral shades can be worn with most anything.  More on that come cooler weather.

Ne-vah would have guessed these two blouses would be so handy.  Lately, I went back to the same shop, and found another great bunch of items, but more about them later.

❤  ❤  ❤  Giant high five for thrift shops!   ❤  ❤  ❤

Lovely Ailsa’s original post is here.

Another travel theme from del.

weekly photo challenge: on the move, or, serging ahead

Move, v. t.[OE. moven, OF. moveir, F. mouvoir, L. movere; cf. Gr. to change, exchange, go in or out, quit… ] 1. To cause to change place or posture in any manner; to set in motion…

Got out the old serger/interlocker/overlocker depending on what they call it in your part of the world.  And really went to town… so to speak.

Photos above should show what I’ve serged, and what got updated this Spring…

The Burda blouse from last year got it’s pleats sewn down, and itsy French knots embroidered at the bottoms, to match the ones on the back.  Then I sewed the entire neck facing down, by hand.  Patience, oh, patience!  Hand sewing isn’t my favourite task.  But it looks so much better!  Also serged that facing before turning under, come to think of it.   🙂

And… the brilliant yellow jacket, also from last year…  Yes.  The one that ravels if you think about it.  It finally got serged all the way round its seams, and is in the wash.  I used blue tailor’s chalk liberally, to mark wrong sides.  Come to think of it, hope it washes out.

And finally, thinking I had enough cherry cotton to do a trial of the Miss Bossy pattern, I laid out the fabric. Nope.  No way.  So I cut out, and then serged all the edges, of another blouse, with shorter sleeves. (Updated: Had to go searching for this ~ remember the December red w/white dots flannel? Cut out the bottom left view this time.)

We are moving on !


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weekly photo challenge: let there be light!

candleLIGHT, n. lite. [L. lux, light and luceo, to shine.]  1. That ethereal agent or matter which makes objects perceptible to the sense of seeing…  7. Illumination of mind; instruction; knowledge.

Knew I wanted to make this pattern as it reminds me of one I had 20-odd years ago and loved.  But also knew I wanted to make some modifications, which took a bit more time than “Make It Tonight” as it says on the envelope.  Thank you, dear Karen, for the pattern!

Didn’t realize when I started that I’d end up with this version, but as the blouse came together, each change dictated the next, as I thought about the mood and feeling I wanted from the double fleeced fabric.  This isn’t an office blouse, but something to keep me warm while sitting in a cold room working at a computer.

Interesting how “let there be light” works into how we choose to make up each pattern, don’t you think?

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