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the monthly stitch ~ update

vintage-challenge-badge-copyNow that we’ve got the first month under our belts…  whaaat?  You don’t know about The Monthly Stitch???

Just like it sounds, there’s a challenge a month, and September’s is VINTAGE!

I’ve been considering all last week which vintage pattern(s) to use.  No decisions yet, but I gotta start something soon.  It’s such a huge topic.  Variety isn’t the problem, choosing is.

October’s challenge is dresses.  They’re calling it Frocktober.  How cute is that?!  Glad we know it now.  Won’t do a dress till then.

come join us!

You don’t have to do anything other than sew to take part, and you can come & go as your schedule permits.  There’s also the collective.  The what?

The collective are the folks who are taking part in the Monthly Stitch.  Guidelines are here, and you don’t have to have a blog to take part.   (But if you’re thinking about starting one, here’s a way to try it out.)   The moderators are Kat, Mel, and Juliet , and they’re super helpful & informative.

Why not click on over and see what’s going on?  Lots of gorgeous capes are on display (last month’s challenge), with lovely posts by their creators.

Come join the fun!


what’s on my cutting table today…

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Recognize the red floral fabric?  It’s that gorgeous baby corduroy from my secret swap mate, Samantha, who’s across the pond at SewinLoveUK.

Took me some time to decide what to do with it.  Karen Ball, of Did You Make That in London, had a nifty reminder lately of how to handle corduroy, and that confirmed my inclination for pattern.  BTW, if Karen or her blog sound familiar, might be because she blogs for The Guardian.  It’s interesting to see the effect The Great British Sewing Bee has had on sewing, and not just in the U.K.  😉

The big reveal coming soon!

weekly photo challenge: foreshadow

this fabric mess is preliminary planning, foreshadowing completion of at least 1 cape, and a skirt & blouse or dress for several current online sewing challenges
this fabric mess is preliminary planning, foreshadowing completion of at least 1 cape, and a skirt & blouse or dress for several current online sewing challenges

From the 1913 Dictionary

Fore*shad”ow (?), v. t. To shadow or typify beforehand; to prefigure. Dryden.

Without knowing what today’s photo challenge would be, I spent batches of time yesterday littering the floor with fabric, seeing what went with what, and taking lots of photos.  I already have my pattern board.

My motive? Deciding what’s going to go with what, and will or will not fit into various online sewing challenges I’m taking part in during August and September. Not to mention what I need to wear as the season changes.

Below are the colours from a Pantone site for Autumn, which figures into one of the challenges.  Here’s another challenge.

I’m ecstatic there’s so much green, because I’ve obviously got a lot of it.  Why?  Firstly, I love it!  Secondly, it’s difficult to find.  Therefore, whenever I spot it, I get it.

You’ll note I don’t say what I plan to do with it.  It just goes into the stash until the right idea & pattern come together.

Isn’t it nice that another objective in these challenges is stash-busting?    🙂


Original WordPress post.

those scrappy kiwis are doin’ it again!

tms_logo_teal4Talk about a never-say-die attitude! Their town was the epicenter for earthquakes last week, but has that stopped their creative juices?  Nope!  They’re off and running with another great challenge: The Monthly Stitch is an ongoing sew-along with a different challenge each month.  Instigators are  Kat, Mel, & Juliet.

Guidelines are here.

August’s challenge is to make a cape.

To vote on September’s Challenge, click over here.

I think it’s great that everyone gets a chance to suggest challenges, and that there’s only 1 per month. August might be waaay to early for me to think about a wool cape, but I’ve had the fabric in the stash.  Of course, I could always think creatively meself, and come up with something more suitable to this over-heated swamp I’m currently trying to survive.

😉  hee-hee-hee!

happy earth day!

a soon-to-be-skirt out of brushed cotton that feeld yummy!
a soon-to-be-skirt out of brushed cotton that feels yummy!

In honor of earth day, thought this palm leaf print was appropriate.

Found a 1-yard remnant last week & couldn’t resist it. Waverly is a well-known brand of home decorating fabric.  This piece is a medium weight 100% cotton, with a fairly large print. Will make a good skirt for cool spring/fall days, as I felt the print a bit too big for anything else.

summer gathered dress
Still deciding whether to put in a small placket using the chopped off border, or the remnant with gathers.

talk about raveling!
talk about raveling!

The long raveled tail on the right illustrates why I normally both zigzag and use pinkers before pre-washing rayon fabric.  Forgot – oops!  😉  Will trim & zigzag when my machine comes home.

sewing machine update

It comes home on Wednesday – yeah!!! The tech said there was a tiny glitch, which is why I couldn’t reverse, do buttonholes, or a batch of decorative stitches. The store (that’s done the cleaning & adjusting) has a sale on feet, and I’d like to get several, if they’re not too expensive. Then I can really get cracking with this machine. Am so excited, specially after spending a great week with Karen, my super sewer & crafter friend, and her neighbor & fellow crafter Carolyn.

Meanwhile, am pulling out scissors and starting on the fabric from last week’s sales at those 2 nationally known fabric/craft stores here in the States, Joann & Hancock. Will keep you posted!

piles upon piles of paper & too much hot air

slipper repair job: guess which rose got re-glued
repair job: guess which rose got re-glued*

The sewing table, that was neat as a pin & ready for work, is now piled high with half a dozen projects to be done quickly. Drat.

Remember the Fall hat re-do?  Weather’s been so dodgy I haven’t known when or whether to re-do, and said hat’s now looking dodgier than the weather.  Which I think is really just the quadri-annual (made it up – means every 4 years) burst of political hot air rather than climate change.  😉

Did manage a repair job last night, tho’.  My favorite summer slippers last came out of the wash with a rose reduced to a long strip of fabric instead of nicely curled & glued to its’ base.

Inspired by the Singer Sewing Book I’d been thinking I needed to get an upholstery needle to do the mend.  But it was too hot yesterday, and I remembered some Fabri-Tac sitting in a drawer.  I’d not used it – have any of you?  The piece seemed to curl back into position perfectly, and am wearing the slippers today.  Yeah!  One repair job done!

Now to get past those pesky projects and into those yummy fabrics I’ve been dreaming about for weeeeks!

* left rose was reglued

photo challenge: happy – dreaming while working…

oops – forgot to reference the WordPress page


and thanks for all you lovely folk who’ve liked this – can’t figure out why you’re not showing up here – everything’s checked & in its proper place… except your gravatars… must be a temporary hiccup on the system… gotta go back to work –

so far this week

ta-da!  transitional green skirt done
ta-da! transitional green skirt done

Autumn’s arrived, and it was time to go through clothes stashed away a year ago, dig out boots, start piles for mending (already hemmed 2 skirts), and charity shops, etc. Time away from real sewing.  😉

VOGUE 8750
VOGUE 8750
doing green skirt, middle right

Have view B of Vogue 2637 (1991) cut and ready to zip up.  Also have a new pattern (Vogue 8750 green skirt view) cut & ready to assemble.  The skirt has so many pieces in such a tight layout it could easily have been a Depression era design.  Cut a mid-calf length, and have a little extra fabric in case it needs walking room.  Dying to put a godet into something!

Lots more projects in the pipeline at home & work, so posts will slow down.
Hope everyone is healthy, busy & productive!

idea from RTW skirt just rehemmed
how clever !
buttons & buttonholes on waistband are decorative on this RTW fall skirt

happy autumn!

muffin~ cake
muffin~ cake

To honor my favorite season’s arrival, and matching weather (yeah!), I decided to make up Josée’s double chocolate oatmeal muffins… except they turned into cake.

I fiddled with the recipe a bit, just to suit what was in the larder & personal taste, then baked at 350 more or less for almost an hour. With the chocolate chips being melted internally, it was a little difficult to judge when it was done. But my nose told me (real death-by-chocolate aroma), and the results are definitely scrumptious!

Hope everyone has a lovely season!

(And thank you so much for the recipe, Josée!)