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ta-da!  transitional green skirt done
ta-da! transitional green skirt done

Autumn’s arrived, and it was time to go through clothes stashed away a year ago, dig out boots, start piles for mending (already hemmed 2 skirts), and charity shops, etc. Time away from real sewing.  😉

VOGUE 8750
VOGUE 8750
doing green skirt, middle right

Have view B of Vogue 2637 (1991) cut and ready to zip up.  Also have a new pattern (Vogue 8750 green skirt view) cut & ready to assemble.  The skirt has so many pieces in such a tight layout it could easily have been a Depression era design.  Cut a mid-calf length, and have a little extra fabric in case it needs walking room.  Dying to put a godet into something!

Lots more projects in the pipeline at home & work, so posts will slow down.
Hope everyone is healthy, busy & productive!

idea from RTW skirt just rehemmed
how clever !
buttons & buttonholes on waistband are decorative on this RTW fall skirt

happy autumn!

muffin~ cake
muffin~ cake

To honor my favorite season’s arrival, and matching weather (yeah!), I decided to make up Josée’s double chocolate oatmeal muffins… except they turned into cake.

I fiddled with the recipe a bit, just to suit what was in the larder & personal taste, then baked at 350 more or less for almost an hour. With the chocolate chips being melted internally, it was a little difficult to judge when it was done. But my nose told me (real death-by-chocolate aroma), and the results are definitely scrumptious!

Hope everyone has a lovely season!

(And thank you so much for the recipe, Josée!)