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red silk rose & veil
red silk rose & veil

(sorry — had this ready to post but couldn’t get margins flush left – which is why the editor in me gave up… imagine all flush left, please.)

While awaiting several packages of fabric, pattern, & pinking sheers, I’ve been busy reading about hats and fascinators.

Here are a few things I discovered online…

All because the hat pattern I ordered reminded me to look online, and in the library.  That last bit provided several interesting volumes.  Grist for another post…

bracelet from Oz

The Oz bracelet

Tho’ not from the Wizard…chuckle! It came from Down Under, via my Lovely Friend, who is adorable.  Miss her ;-(   (xoxo, Lovely!)

“I was at the artisan markets near my house and saw a woman doing vintage inspired ‘wearable’ pieces – it reminded me of the colourful ones you wore on my birthday.”