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faffing about ~ buttons

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Technically, it’s Wednesday, but I’ve been faffing about so much this should would have been posted Tuesday if I’d stayed on target.  So I’m cheating and back-dating this. Shh – don’t tell!

It’s these buttons. Can’t seem to resist them. And since dear friend & secret swap partner Sewin Love UK‘s latest care package arrived yesterday I’ve had these beauties staring me in the face.

Also… the weather’s changing, which means dragging out all those boxes (well, not that many now that I’ve downsized so drastically) and sorting through, trying to guess what will be needed now, and what to save for later when it’s really winter.

And then there’s last week, which was beastly hot & humid, when I wore my last 2 (new) dresses to death, and began to realize how much I miss dresses instead of bottoms & tops, then realizing the h&h weather could return…   😦

Couple that with seeing Phryne Fisher and reading all about the costumes, which combine British and French 1920’s influence, to better reflect the lead’s character.  The dresses and coats were looking awfully comfortable, even if I don’t have her waif-thin figure. (memo to self: designer says cut on the bias for curvy figures …)

Not to mention trying to decide what to sew next, given all the above.  So it’s been faffing about in general here.

How about you?

1920s costuming stars in aussie mystery series

photo courtesy Australianj Broadcasting Co
photo courtesy Australian Broadcasting Co

Saw the first episode in series 1 of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.  I was very impressed with the costuming, and you know I’m not a huge 1920s flapper fan.

I have all 3 years of House of Eliott, but was never too impressed by the costuming. Now I think I know why.  The British interpretations of fashion might be a little too tame for my taste, but Phryne (fry-nee) Fisher designers might have that solved.

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While the land of Oz will be seeing season 2 this month, we in the U.S. must be content with season 1, and that appears to be in a limited number of cities.  But to get to the main event ~ the costumes ~ words from the designer.

Costume designer Marion Boyce gives advice on how to cut flapper styles if you’re curvy:  cut it the bias.  She also talks about having to use some of her own vintage stash for costuming, and how difficult it is for her to let go of some of her treasured fabric.  Don’t we all know how she feels?!

Now I’m wondering… will Phryne costuming upstage Downton ?

What do you think?

More about Miss Fisher ~

  • Wikipedia … “120 costumes for the series… ” and “Boyce explained that Phryne is “completely fluid””
  • Australian Broadcasting Company blog:  “…one of the stars of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is the fabulous collection of period costumes…”
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