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weekly photo challeng: merge

summer skirt with retro button
like attracts like

I like that phrase.

Here’s the definition of merge:

Merge, v. t.[L. mergere, mersum…] To cause to be swallowed up; to immerse; to sink; to absorb.

When we merge into the flow of traffic, isn’t that what we’re doing?

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wonky print?

potentially wonky fabric
potentially wonky fabric

Last weekend yours truly was deeesperate for something cool & soft to slip into whilst around the house.

I remembered a UFO,  cut out & laid away after thinking the print was off kilter, but the fabric was so cooool….   (UFO = UnFinished Object)

After sewing the 2 back underarm seams together instead of the 2 center backs I paused, and ripped and thought: maybe it was just me on that afternoon….  maybe the print wasn’t wonky after all…

This afternoon I laid the remaining fabric out.

What do you think?

I think I was the wonky one….!

wonky fabric close-up
wonky fabric close-up


winter black hat
winter black hat
started it all

I’ve been working on my closet… tossing out a lot of things and deciding what’s needed vs. wanted.  Tough, isn’t it?!

Got to the top plastic bag, with the gorgeous extravagant winter hat I’ve never worn… I started looking up how to care for it, how to clean/dust it… and that got me further interested.  But I’ve always loved hats!  So this has been more of a reintroduction and education.  Thus my raid on library books and web wanderings.

Hats have a very ancient tradition, which several books brought out.  Since that’s not my interest, I glanced through and got to more contemporary styles. It’s surprising how many styles used in the 20’s and 30’s are still used today.  The winter black hat is a cloche (French for hat bell), which adds to its cachet as far as I’m concerned.

Russian veiling on
black winter hat

I also love the veil, which I discovered is called Russian veiling, and always has the little squares & triangles.  It seems readily available, at least in black and white.

I realized the hat pin is genuine but alas, not vintage.  Silver’s not my color, so I’ll look for gold or brass (preferred).

Because I generally wear glasses, I’ve always been concerned about combining them with hats.  Seems as long as your eyebrows show sufficiently between glasses & brim, you’r fine.  Considering so many wear hats & sunglasses, don’t know why I worried, but I did…

Facial shape also affects which hat might or might not look suitable.  But there’s so much variety between shapes and proportions, and so many different acceptable “looks” that I’d leave it to the wearer to decide if s/he likes the hat in question.

I did learn the proper way to try on a hat – and you MUST try it on before purchasing!!!  With 2 hands, take the front & the back (generally the label is there) of the hat and slide it onto your head from forehead back.  That’s also the easiest on the coiffure.

But the important step is the second one: working the hat.  Move it backward, forward, tilt it slightly to either side.  You can even try in on backward! If something works, it works.  If not, keep trying on other hats.

The extra benefits of wearing hats, besides keeping warmer in winter and shadier in summer, are wonderful!  If you’ve not been a hat-wearer, I urge you to give it a go!

hat books
hat books


red silk rose & veil
red silk rose & veil

(sorry — had this ready to post but couldn’t get margins flush left – which is why the editor in me gave up… imagine all flush left, please.)

While awaiting several packages of fabric, pattern, & pinking sheers, I’ve been busy reading about hats and fascinators.

Here are a few things I discovered online…

All because the hat pattern I ordered reminded me to look online, and in the library.  That last bit provided several interesting volumes.  Grist for another post…

transitional green skirt ~ buttons

Here are the buttons I found for the skirt. I like the button on a point rather than a side, as the pocket is set on the diagonal. (Click any of the photos to go to the full screen slide show, then Escape or click the x in upper left corner to come back here.)

I also got out some stash fabric ~ yeah! ~ in the context of what to do next, and what else is green. Continue reading transitional green skirt ~ buttons

green transitional skirt

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Too late to post progress last night on this… but the problem-in-cutting fabric is going together very easily.  (Aside from the usual 1 pocket piece sewn in backwards – more seam letting.)  Fabric is weaseling like crazy — see all those loose threads — so will have to zigzag all seams, and started last evening.  Do wish I had my old serger…

Sorry the photos aren’t terribly logical, but they do sort of show how I use tailor’s chalk to mark wrong side of fabric (the big x’s), and put in a few details, such as pocket markings, and the diagonal seam that eventually with make the vent at skirt center back.

Keep thinking about buttons, perhaps decorative, perhaps not, on pockets….. Just took a look through me button stash, and have 2, either of which would do nicely, but just the one of each.  aaahh…….