Calling on any composters for advice for a friend:

fresh from her garden

Ms C likes to compost and has been doing so until the last few months. A critter has decided it’s gonna play a little game. You play it this way –

You hide it, and let’s see how fast I can locate it & dig it all up.

So far the critter is 8 for zero.

Any expert composters out there could advise on whether one of the newer composters, that reduce compost to an odorless powder might switch the odds in her favour?

In other words, Heeeeeeeeeeelp?!

2 thoughts on “saturdaze”

  1. Try a bit of dolomite or hydrated lime.
    A tight sealed compost bin works best but the open slated ones are better for aeration and don’t need turning as often as bins.
    I have a couple of cut down wheelie bins for my compost but rats and mice can tunnel underneath but that’s no biggie 🙂

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