macro monday

Clearing out some back-log…

Finally got used to this super slubby yarn, but totally forgot to count stitches. You can guess the result. 🙈

Considering all the slubs, and that this cotton doesn’t behave the same as wool (cotton doesn’t block as well as wool might), frogging really isn’t an option. Guess I’ll go with the flow. Maybe start a new fashion?

8 thoughts on “macro monday”

    1. Thank you, Donna!
      In general, cotton yarn (smooth & cool) doesn’t have quite the same texture and feel as a lot of wools (fuzzy & cuddly).
      This yarn isn’t smooth (those slubs), and also has a thin blue metallic thread plied alongside the cotton. That all affects the feel of the yarn.


    1. 🤣
      Slubs are irregular thicknesses in the fiber – some types of silk are well known for this characteristic.
      Frogging is a nick-name for ripping out what’s been crocheted/knitted erroneously. Rip-it, rip-it, rip-it sounds a lot like frogs’ “rib-bit.”

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