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Accessories for Winter. Yes, I know that’s a piccie of boots, but they’re the closest I had to wellies, which is really what I’m wondering about.

In most of the southern winters I’ve experienced thus far wellies’d seem to be the perfect solution to wet winter weather, which hardly ever includes snow.

I’m a little unclear as to what’s usually worn under the wellies, but hand-knit socks seem to be the norm. (But that might be because I’m reading blogs written by people who knit.)

I know there are crochet patterns for socks, but are they going to produce a decent sock, if you keen w’ay mean, quoting my Scots granny?

I also wonder how insulated wellies are, and how ergonomic for the feet? Traction is also a concern. because much of the ‘dirt’ down here is clay — every bit as slippery as ice.

Although my spot on the East Coast continues to be in a drought I’m thinking positive: sometimes it does rain. As I’m pondering what is needed to winterize meself, boots came to mind, but wellies might be more practical. 🤣

All comments, reflections, or suggestions are welcomed!

Thank you in advance!

A bit of festive decor!

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  1. I love my wellies and yes I wear thick socks over my ordinary socks, for warmth and to keep my jeans tucked into the wellies. I went a walk recently with a friend clad in proper walking boots . She slid and slithered the whole time, whereas I was fine and dandy. The secret is to pick your feet up as if you were a pony in a dressage competition, don’t slide!

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    1. This is interesting, Cathy, as my Sis3 used to compete in dressage. I also have walking boots, and noticed they’re not good on wet surfaces. Now I know how to get safely home if I’m caught out suddenly – walk like a dressage horse!


  2. Being in England, I am a wellie expert 😁
    I think a pair of good woollen socks – you can buy special wellie socks here – make them warm enough. However, the traction isn’t that good especially on ice or mud even with the expensive ones, unless they are nailed. You might be better off with soft rubber soled boots – something like snow boots, which have better grip and are warmer.
    i hope that helps. xx

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    1. Wellie socks?! I’ll start hunting – thank you, Lynn!
      Deb suggested some clamp-on spikes, & now I remember having a pair in Chicago, but hadn’t thought of them here. Sounds like 2 good investments!


  3. I am in the wellies camp. Don’t buy the first ones you see, try a few on. I bought a dud pair ages ago, couldn’t wait for them to die, which they did as they were not the best.

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    1. Thanks for your experienced advice, Brian! I’d forgotten being young & poor, getting a pair I could afford & being disgusted if they only lasted a season. You are so right about longevity & use-ability to which I would cautiously add price point. Thanks for the advice!

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  4. Wellie-type boots and wool socks are all you really need here on the Island. I am constantly amazed by wool socks – they keep you warm even when soaking wet. I did have to put my ice spikes on my muck boots on Wednesday, when we had some very wet, very slippery snow. They improved the traction greatly! Maybe look into a pair, Del?


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