macro Monday

Here is the yarn of my latest effort, aided & abetted by the craft supplies section of Stitch Buffalo’s Etsy shop, all of which I highly recommend you look through!

The artisan members of the non-profit Stitch Buffalo do beautiful and varied hand work, as learnt in their native countries. Some also teach classes, in-store & online. There’s lots on Insta, for those interested.

I think it’s wonderful they can carry on with their creativity and keep their traditions alive in America, their new home, and provide valuable income for their families.

If you look closely at this photo, you’ll see a shiny, thin metallic blue yarn twisted lightly around the softer cotton. Said cotton yarn has huge slubs just to make things more interesting…

What to do with 10 balls of this magical yarn? Firstly, figure out how to work with it! I chose a 4.25mm hook almost randomly, and started doing some single crochet. (I’m using the American term – it’s double crochet in Britain.)

After not a little frustration, I put it down over Thanksgiving, then picked it up again on the weekend. I’m so glad I didn’t allow my initial frustration to keep me from working with it.

I’m getting used to it now, which rather surprised me. Those slubs really fill in most of the holes you’d see with a regular yarn, which makes counting stitches rather challenging. But the filament of tinsel-blue is showing more self-control, and not separating from the cotton as much.

Come to think of it, that means a more solid end piece, which also means something like a shrug would might be warmer than if made up in a smoother cotton yarn.

Any thoughts from more experienced Lovelies? All suggestions welcomed❣️ ❣️ ❣️

4 thoughts on “macro Monday”

  1. I must admit to being a bit of a coward with ‘unusual yarn’ – it’s often O.K. until you have to undo it and then it can drive you nuts. The trick, I suppose, is to make no mistakes.

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    1. Yes, I forgot to say it is difficult to frog much of it. I decided to catch what I thought was a loose stitch 2 rows beneath where I was. Quickly found out how hard it was to get those slubs to unravel easily. And also discovered how those slubs can stick out at the end of a row and make you think there’s a loose stitch. 🙈

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