(not so) Wordless Wednesday

Finished off 3 small balls of leftover yarn a few days ago, and now have a narrowish looong scarf for somebody to wind around their neck on a cold winter’s day. Below are beginning, in-the-midst-of and completed views . . .

The ends are ever so slightly differing shades of a creamy washable wool bought from a friend in California who was selling out her washable wool yarns.

The middle photo shows the leftover-from-a-shawl yarn of I can’t remember what fibres 60% silk & 40% wool (from discontinued HPKY Hand Painted Knitting Yarns, Daphne colourway), that I got from Loopy Yarns, the great (now closed) yarn shop I lived dangerously close to in Chicago.

The shawl’s probably on Ravelry, draped over a creamy foot rest if I’m remembering properly (yes!)… but I also remember blogging about it, and here’s that photo!

It seems I decided to take off the fringe and do an edging around the shawl, which I duly crocheted. (See photo below.) After all that, there was still enough yarn left to crochet the centre section of that looong scarf. Remember the looong scarf??

Shawl with edging, completed 2015

Waste not, want not . . . . . 😉

11 thoughts on “(not so) Wordless Wednesday”

    1. Ummmm. . . thank you for the compliment, Deb, but I grew up with grannies who crocheted and taught us all how to do the same. For some reason they didn’t knit – I’ve no idea why. One sister has taken up knitting, another draws & paints, one refinishes/upcycles furniture. All are things we grew up with & followed, or not, as we chose. So I’m afraid talent doesn’t come into it as much as what we grew up seeing & doing.

      Hope I’m not disappointing you, but I really don’t knit. I can do the 2 basic stitches, badly & slowly, and that’s about it! 🤪 My crochet is just as bad simply because I’m a lazy crocheter. Basically, I want something simple to keep my hands busy whilst watching a video. I can churn out scarves easily & quickly because I just do whatever I feel like with whatever yarn is on hand. (What to do with the scarves is another matter as donating can be iffy (attitudes… 🙄))

      If you’ve always wanted to knit or crochet there’s no reason why you can’t learn right now! YouTube has allowed people all over the world to sew, knit, crochet – you name it & there’ll be how-to videos to help. FT/Zoom me if you want more deets!


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