wordless wednesday (not really)

Editor’s note: The maaany links in today’s post should all open on separate pages. Should, but they won’t all cooperate & I’ve given up trying to force them. Just wanted you to know, in case you’re expecting them to all do the same thing.

As most frequent readers will know, the recipe above was altered when I made it up — I was looking for a spicy microwave cake recipe that didn’t require an hour’s baking time (in other words, a quick Raisin Spice Cake alternative). You can download it here.

I’ve been giving the above with spice variations a trial run. So far have made it twice, managed to waaay over-spice the first one (hint: 1 teaspoon of ginger, not 2 ), forgot the molasses the second time, but got the spice amount a bit better.

As usual, I only used 1 tablespoon of brown sugar rather than the 3 listed. Have yet to try it with a few raisins, but the chocky variation, which includes chips, came out nicely. So maybe a few raisins will be fine.

As mentioned above, this also chimes in with Deb’s & Donna’s monthly #WhatsOnYourPlateBlogChallenge.

Above piccies are further research into a yarn substitute for The Habitat Cardi by Make & Do Crew mentioned in a previous post. Thanks to the lovely Lynn (of The Tialys blog) for telling me about the wonderful web site YarnSub.

I adore the colours of the James C Brett Marble Chunky MC07 yarn on the left (see how I made it up here) and know the soft and easily washed yarn well. The way they go from one mixture to another is why I think it might be about the same weight as the sweater calls for.

But I’m tempted by this one as denims would “go” with everything. It’s James C Brett Marble Chunky MC10.

However, on close examination (hence the close-up), all the Brett Marble Chunky is probably 2-ply. But aren’t those strands thicker than the 4-ply of the red Vanna Yarn on the right (which I used yonks ago & still had a bit of)?

I know Vanna is not as soft as Brett’s Marble Chunky. Which might be why I’m not too keen on using any of the specified Lion Brand yarn. Aside from the fact I cannot find any colour I like. πŸ˜’

Am also tempted by this Brett Marble Chunky MC02 – the deep, dark blue reminds me of my dark blue stretch denim skirt.

Which would you choose?

Which looks more like denim to you?

Decisions! — Decisions! — Decisions!



16 thoughts on “wordless wednesday (not really)”

  1. I caught sight on your mug cake on IG – what fun that you have embarked on a mug cake journey to make the perfect spice cake! And in just the right portion as well!

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    1. Hi, Ju-Lyn! Thanks for stopping by to say hello! Yes, this is looking like a decent substitute for a spicy cake treat when it’s too hot to bake. And the chocy version isn’t bad, either (I don’t add pepper – bleh!).


      1. Ah, not a pepper fan? I didn’t even think about the ambient temps and turning on the oven … we are hot hot hot all year round so I guess we don’t consider it as much.

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        1. I do enjoy pepper, but not in my deep & dark chocolate!
          Yes, as you’re hot the year round perhaps you’re used to it. This climate runs the gamut from a bit of snow to triple digits + tropical humidity. We have air con, but I hate to heat up so much of this apartment’s open space (kitchen/living areas) by turning on an oven to bake or broil. Stove-top cooking heats things up enough!


  2. Hi, Del – Thank you for joining us at What’s On Your Plate. I tried out the Spicy Mug Cake last night. I agree – easy and delicious! I highly recommend it to others (I made mine with a sugar substitute).
    I loved the teasers that you gave us on Macro Monday. Didn’t my guess of ‘other yarn strands’ count? And you must admit, ‘pancake’ was close. πŸ˜€ I had almost gone with red velvet cake, but the lighter colour made me change my mind at the last minute.
    Wishing you a great week ahead. I promise to try the Spice Cake with raisins or sultanas next time!


    1. Hi, Donna! So glad you enjoyed the Spicy Mug Cake recipe. I made my 3rd at noon today, using raisins nixed in with the flour, then added the liquid. They mostly sank to the bottom… Suggest you try dropping some gently on the top, then pushing them down a wee bit just before microwaving. See what happens then.

      Of course your pancake counted – verrrrry close call. πŸ˜‰

      Like your recipe and might try it out this weekend if we don’t get too much heat & humidity. Last week was pretty brutal, but this week’s been cooler. Thank goodness!!!
      Take care of you!


    2. I’m blaming sleep depravity for forgetting to award your ‘other yarn strands’ the Spot-On Award. Please accept my apologies and your award! πŸ…


    1. Welcome Hilary! What a great suggestion! Not certain about camping as I don’t… are there microwaves available at camps? Peeps who glamp (glamorous camping) would have them, of course! Ditto with students, especially those in dorms.

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  3. I’m glad you found Yarnsub useful.
    I like both blues, they are both very ‘denim’, but you’re right it’s a 2-ply so, if you have any of the yarn hanging around maybe make up a swatch and see how it matches up in gauge and drape to the suggested yarn.

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    1. Thank you for commenting on both blues, Lynn! Have spent some time copying out the pattern, getting rid of ads, and took a much closer look at the actual stitch – skipped stitch then single & double crochet in next stitch, alternating. Will faff a bit with trying it out, but after looking at how the rectangles are put together, think almost any stitch might work… Not explaining that too well, but maybe you can visualise what I mean. Definitely not finished with it yet…


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