I decided to hoover my mattress the other day. No forethought. No reason.  

“Hoovering” is a British term for vacuuming, but I’m claiming it’s kosher for me, too, because I own one.

It came with a miniature suction roller attachment. They claim it’s for hoovering up pet hair or soft furnishings. (No, it’s not recommended for use on pets, even if some owners are tempted.)

I spent most of the day washing bed linens, putting pillows in the dryer to refresh them, just getting on with it and never changing out of my jammies.

(Don’cha love those days when you give yourself permission to just do the work and not worry about getting dressed ?)

Mind, I did do all the crockery washing up, proper morning ablutions and such, but I sooooo wished I could ‘a been pegging out in the sunshine and fresh air.  Ahhhh . . . . .

About mid-afternoon the thought came that I was getting on with something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, and I should be a happy chapess. 😳 What might encourage the feeling?

The Stitch Sisters! The YT gods put up a 2-part Autumn/Winter pattern review from 2020 – their COVID collection of comfy clothes. Perfect! It’s never to early to think about cold weather togs!

Comfy is still the vibe I’d be going for, so I settled down for a very late clean-out-the-fridge lunch with The Sisters.

(They’re really partners who started a sewing business together, and both also have teens and hubbies — none of which applies to moi. But working from home is working from home, and so is comfort! (Plus, their choices aren’t so laid back you’d be under suspicion if you risked a quick trip for take-out.)

Plus — and this is a BIG plus — I got several great ideas for easy crochet patterns for Autumn/Winter, and now have a great free sweater pattern to find yarn for: The Habitat Cardi by Make Do & Crew. (Note to self: Check pattern directions & Ravelry reviews first — would I reeeally make it? Yeeees!)

I had no idea Agatha Raisin (on telly) had continued over in Blighty, and their fourth season is in the works now. 😱 😱 😱

Where have I BEEN????

Not checking BBC, that’s for sure. As I type, series 2 is winging it’s way to me and I plan a bit of binging as soon as it hits my mail box.

Have been test-wearing my Autumn tablecloth top but cannot decide if I’d be comfortable wearing it out. It’s shorter than my usual well-below-waist length.

That’s very cooling inside, and should make it ideal for outside. . . except I keep thinking that if air can flow in freely…… so can 🦟 🦟🦟


10 thoughts on “hoovering”

    1. Weelll,you load the washer, sit at the computer, 40 minutes later you load the dryer-washer, maybe do another short job in the next 45 min., empty dryer-load washer-dryer, sit at the computer for the next 45 min… you get the idea. Pace yourself! 😉

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  1. I still hoover (well, occasionally) even though I use a ‘Vax’ – definitely a British thing to say I guess.
    I LOVE the look of that crochet cardie. I hope you’ll let us know how you get one with it as I’m very tempted.

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    1. You got me with “Vax.” Is it short for the full brand’s name, or just a shortened “vacuum”?!
      Don’t go holding your breath of the cardi, Lynn! I’ve got to locate some yarn first. That’s proving harder than anticipated, as I tend to be rubbish at yarn substituting and the pattern’s several years old.
      As far as I know there’s no yarn store close by, and I’m not eager to go anywhere anyway. (Still 😷.)
      Thank goodness for online shops!


  2. This made me smile as we had an attachment for our Dyson for hoovering the dog, it was great when we had Rosie the golden retriever as it sucked all the loose hair straight into the vac 🙂

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