the unwelcome visitor

Elsa, the hurricane/tropical storm/depression raced through my area today. Yesterday was spent prepping for a worst case scenario: boiling eggs, washing & dicing fruits and veg, making sure my bottled water supply was topped up. You probably have your version of the drill.

Altogether it wasn’t the time to do a What’s On Your Plate post, but I did sneak in a quick post over on insta, to #whatsonyourplateblogchallenge.

My Weekend Special is scrambled eggs and whatever else in the fridge is leftover. Last weekend it was tomatoes, blackberries, and half a baked potato. I fried potato slices before scrambling the eggs, and left the tomatoes and berries raw.

I love potatoes done this way – golden and crunchy on the outside, with a good tangy tomato ketchup for contrast with the creamy inside – but rarely treat myself to the little extra time it takes.

(In case you’re wondering about pudding – no, I didn’t consider the berries as my afters. There’s a raisin spice cake in the freezer that’s slowly diminishing. 😉 Hehehee)!

A day late, I’m chiming in with Deb and Donna’s What’s On Your Plate Blog Challenge. Do click over and enjoy their recipes for cool meals on very hot days!

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    1. Very good! The berries were very ripe, soft and sweet. The eggs were firmly scrambled. I didn’t combine them and cook the eggs, so they only mixed in the eating!

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    1. (Am apologising in advance if this sounds too much like a news report. I blame it on too much telly yesterday!)
      Technically, Else only flitted with being a hurricane and that was mostly in Florida (well south of here). But thank you for the upgrade to book title!
      The storm spent most of the time being either a tropical storm or tropical depression.
      Nuch of the damage seems to have been shallow-rooted trees downed from excessive rainfall and a wind gust.
      Excepting for coastal areas, the farther south the worse the wind and surf, so my area and northward was fortunate!
      Coastal surf boarders would have had a field day but for killer rip currents even in knee-deep waters.
      There were two weather fronts meeting and not playing nice that caused short-range tornadoes to pop up, so the day was spent with an eye on telly to be sure nothing popped up in my area. It didn’t – phew!
      Weather review concluded!

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  1. How yummy! My mom used to make the best fried potatoes out of the leftover boiled ones. I think she used to cook extra, just for this reason. Your plate looks absolutely delicious for any time, not just hurricane season!


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  2. Hi, Del – Thank you so much for linking up with #Whatsonyourplatebloggingchallenge. Doing so during a hurricane earns you mega gold stars. Creatively using up leftovers and having berries as part of your main course receive extra BIG points from me. Thanks so much for sharing this. I hope that all is well there.

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    1. Thank you, Donna, but it was really a tropical storm over my area, and just a lotta rain. If there hadn’t been pesky pop-up tornadoes it would been just another storm day. Fortunately, the few that dared show up went away quickly and were in fairly uninhabited areas.
      Your plates look fantastic and probably taste even better! 💕


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