bridges . . .

Was reminded of this just now over at bushboys world, written by Brian, who lives in Australia. It led me back to another time, not necessarily calmer, but seemingly safer.

The above isn’t the song that Brian chose, but after listening to the story behind how this one came to be written and recorded, it just seemed appropriate.

Thank you, Brian!

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    1. Thank you, Margaret. Thought it might resonate equally well right now, given the world situation. Intriguing how things come about, isn’t it.


  1. You are more than welcome Del. I too love that song. The lyrics of I am a Rock particularly resonate with my life at the time, sitting in my room playing guitar trying to learn so many songs I loved x

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    1. Good for you, Brian, for keeping these “golden oldies” alive and for wanting to really get inside them.
      As a technical voice person, I can tell you some (like Bridge) require a lot of vocal chops. Just listen to that last phrase in Bridge – 1 breath for a lotta words!
      In whatever piece you’re working on, if you can’t hit some of the high notes, try pushing the capo down a fret or two until it’s a better fit for your vocal range.
      Keep singing & strumming!

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