March’s Virtual Tea Party ☕️


So glad you could join us today – help yourselves to a tea of your choice, and some soda bread. Here’s the toaster & spread in case you want to try a warm slice.

I posted the recipe here in case you’d like to make your own. 😉

This sweet bread has a different consistency partly because it uses almost 2 cups of buttermilk. I’ve still got about 2 cups of b’milk left! Anybody have or know of a scone recipe using buttermilk? I’d like to try one, if it exists.

Please feel free to introduce yourselves.  How was your journey? Hope the day’s going well for you. Yes, today is unusually warm for March, even down here.

What do you think about this herbal tea assortment? It’s the first time I’ve tried it. I’d like to be growing my own, if a window box in a sunny window would work.

Any gardeners here? What do you think? I’ve one south-facing window, but later afternoon sun gets blocked. Do you think I could grow some herbs?

Your invitation
Please feel free to celebrate with Su of Zimmerbitch and me  with a post of your own, a recipe, or a piccie of your own cuppa.

I’ll update this post with a ping back to your post. If you’re an IG person, we’re at  #virtualteaparty2021.


Margaret (From Pyrenees to Pennines) has invited us over for a sit down in her lovely garden and a slice of her delicious Lemon Drizzle Cake.

Deb (The Widow Badass) has brought some delightful muffins… well, minus the one I grabbed as soon as she came in the door. I can reliably report they are well worth a taste!

🍀   Thank you for coming!    🍀


27 thoughts on “March’s Virtual Tea Party ☕️”

        1. You are so welcome! So delighted to enjoy your lovely garden . I haven’t been in anything but easy-to-maintain (aka, boringly identical) planned community greenery in aaages.

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            1. Yes, some greenery is better than none. I do get nostalgic seeing everyone in U.K., etc., writing about bulbs, snowdrops, and bluebells. Really enjoy everyone else’s gardens & woodlands. 😉

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    1. Sorry to be a tad late getting you added, Margaret, but that storm took a huge bite out of my posting schedule. I’d love to have some of your delicious cake — and maybe a cuppa, when you’ve got a mo.
      del 💕

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        1. Yummy, thank you! Phew! It was touch & go for our area, but luckily the whole huge line of storms was just starting to break apart and we managed to be in one of the breaks.

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    1. Thank you in advance, but you’re also a very busy person, so don’t put a recipe ahead of your own work. I’m eager to see what you’re going to do with your latest 3-D project!

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    1. Good for you! Of course it’s not that difficult, specially if you’ve a food processor. What recipe do you fancy? Let us know if you find any possible probs as you read through the recipe. Someone is sure to be able to help!

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  1. I know the potted herbs we buy in the supermarket for the windowsill – coriander and basil mostly – definitely have quite a short lifespan and, in the case of coriander, one handful needed for a curry and it’s gone. We have planted seeds in the greenhouse and maybe, when they’re ready, will bring a couple of potted ones into the house and I’ll let you know how they do in comparison with the ones we’re going to put outside.

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    1. Quite helpful, Lynn – thank you for further education! Hadn’t thought of doing much more than pinching off a few leaves at a time, but you’ve got me thinking now. I do like basil. Non-gardener me hadn’t thought beyond that to imagine grabbing a handful.


    1. You’re very welcome, Robyn. Let us know if you try it!

      How’s weather up your way?
      We’ve down-graded to Level 3 warnings overnight, so prospects are looking better. Hope the going down trend continues! 🤞🤞


    1. Hmmm… yes, I’ve wondered about the “scorched earth” problem, but hadn’t considered their growth. I know mint would take over & would have to live in it’s own pot. Surely all herbs don’t do that.
      Do they?! 🙈


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