silly Saturday

Oooo! A squidgy package !!  From Canada !!!

I had visceral reactions to autumnal colours last Autumn . . .

. . . and thought about  realised I might vowed to myself to get more autumnal colours into my closet . . .

Now I’m finding fabrics in autumnal colours, even in summer weight fabrics !

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. . .


🤣     😉     😆


2 thoughts on “silly Saturday”

  1. I remember going shopping – when we still could – and looking for a jumper/sweater in a shade of brown specifically to go with something or other that escapes me at the moment. I couldn’t find one anywhere and ended up with a deep burgundy one which was, in itself, a rarity but did the trick. Brown is apparently not the new black.

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