Friday’s Virtual Tea Party

A lovely, well-aged New York cheddar — not too sharp — that compliments the ritzy crackers as well as Jacob’s more neutral flavours. Add grapes for a palate cleanser. Just right for those interested in something light!

Welcome, everyone, and Happy New Year!

I’m delighted to welcome you all to our first Virtual Tea Party of 2021.

And special thanks to Su for continuing our monthly get-togethers.

Could someone please settle a question I’ve had ever since hearing John Thaw remark he needed some water after “too many crisps?” (Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence mini-series.)

Are crisps what Americans call chips? Those ultra-thin, deep-fried  slivers of potato slathered in a bazillion different flavours?

Then do I have it right:  Crackers are crackers on both sides of the pond, but chips are crisps in Blighty?

Thank you! This won’t give us world peace or dissolve that pesky pandemic, but it will ease my personal anxiety.

As you saw in the photo above, I’ve got some light snacks for those who’d prefer them.

And for those yearning for something more substantial, I’ve carefully thin-sliced some of my homemade whole wheat bread, and topped it with chicken salad.

And, she announced with a flourish, for those with a sweet tooth, please enjoy this triple chocolate cake.

I’d love to welcome you all over for a rousing party, but since that’s not gonna happen, please join in with a comment or post of your own, perhaps with a piccie of your cuppa or nibbles. I’ll list your post below.

🫖     🫖     🍰     🫖     🫖

Dear Deb from up north in Canada has grasped the nettle to deliver the most astoundingly delicious trifle for our enjoyment. (I’ve got dibs on licking the bowl.)

Jen at #ffynant has baked a delicious Welsh Bara brit for us to enjoy, using her traditional family recipe! If you’re on IG, join in the spice discussion.

I have it on good authority that Anne has made chocolate chip cookies, and will be posting/joining us. Find her also on IG as #compulsive_seamstress.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the virtual feast — guaranteed calorie-free!

❤️     🫖    Thank you for coming!     🫖     ❤️

If you fancy yours being a bit melty inside, we’ll pop it into the microwave – guaranteed to be gooey!






8 thoughts on “Friday’s Virtual Tea Party”

  1. Love that cheese and fruit plate, Del! You can keep the chocolate cake though…not only do I have PTSD from my own recent chocolate cake experience, but unfortunately chocolate is not my favourite flavour. (I know. I am a defective woman. I’ll hand in my card now 😁) More for everybody else, though! Yay!


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  2. Thank you for these lovely treats.
    Su has answered your question. Some places in the U.K. call chips ‘fries’ but they would be the skinny type you get in France or McDonalds 😉 – proper chips should be thick and chunky, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

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    1. Proper chips – they sound absolutely wonderful! Are the French skinny ones frite, as in steak frite?? If so, maybe that’s why some places over here call the skinny ones “French fries.”


  3. Chocolate cake! Still my beating heart! It all looks lovely Del (especially the cake).

    To answer your question:

    Chips are crisps, fries are chips, and — as Oscar Wilde (or George Bernard Shaw) is supposed to have said “Britain and America are two nations divided by a common language.”

    Thanks for hosting this with me Del.

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    1. Thank you, Su ~ delighted to have made a favourite of yours!

      Thank you for those explanations, although I had forgotten about the chips/fries one. Palpitations almost started, but remembering the so familiar ‘fish & chips’ panic was averted. Phew! 🤪


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