2021, continued — or, Can I stop career dressing?

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I knew during the 2019-2020 winter that I needed to sew up some winter clothes a basic winter wardrobe, but I had an intuition to put it on hold. (It was a short, warm winter 😉.)

After decades of dressing professionally — whatever that means — my fabric and pattern collections mirrored that style. Meanwhile, I was working from home, trying to ramp up on-line diction & coaching sessions, and living a more relaxed life style.

Last March the rest of the world reluctantly joined me.  My resistance to more casual styles started to crumble. So did everyone else’s.

By November the wonderful world of indie pattern designers were churning out more appropriate patterns, and smart U.S. fabric stores were bypassing the post office for UPS or FedEx. BUT: Would I go the PDF route?

For me, everything started to coalesce when Love to Sew aired an October podcast, Sewing Loungewear. Then Vogue Fabrics had a quick fleece sale, PDFPlotting announced a big PDF pattern printing sale, and several indie pattern companies also announced sales.

Resistance fled.

3 of 4, washed (brown’s drying). The top navy (& brown) are for pants, gold & green (below gold) are for tops.

Thus, I find myself with 4 pieces of nice, soft and cuddly fleece for pyjama-style tops & bottoms, and a couple other pieces for spring makes. Heaven knows I’ve already got enough rayon for hot weather wear.

Now I’ve gotta run . . . there’s an LB Pullover pattern needing glue stick attention, and a Talvikki, and I need to consult my jacket pdf pattern pile . . . oh, and get those muffins done for Friday’s Virtual Tea Party. You’re all invited!

See you then . . . . . I hope! 😘



12 thoughts on “2021, continued — or, Can I stop career dressing?”

    1. PDF patterns are okay these days. I know some of the very early ones were dodgy, but indie (dress) pattern makers have got the process down pat. If not, they soon do. Word gets around very easily these days. . . 😉


  1. I have worn a ‘frock’ twice in the past four months. As for heels, forget it. I kept saying to my friend in very rural France that at least, once back in England, I’d be able to wear more ‘trendy’ clothes again without being stared at. Instead of that we’ve moved to waxed coat and wellies country and haven’t been out of jeans for weeks. Ah well.

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    1. You’re two up on me, Dearie! When lockdowns finally cease maybe you could ask around – see if anyone else fancies a bit of a posh-frock party? I live in hope over here . . .


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