Virtual Tea 2021

This week’s loaf.

Wednesday morning I started writing out my next post, a  sequel to the previous, and decided to pause for a late lunch. . .

. . . and an online meeting. “Chatting” afterwards someone said rioters were storming the U.S. Capitol.      WHAT? ? ?

You know what I saw when I turned on the TV.

Nevertheless, Su and I managed to exchange a few words about our virtual tea party and you’re all invited to my portion on Friday, 15 January.

I’ve been drinking a lot more tea and eating spice cake like it’s going outta style since Wednesday, so expect them to be on the menu.  And maybe something chocolate.

Please plan to stop by any time round about 3 P.M. New York time, which is 5 hours behind London.  (When Big Ben chimes  8 PM, it’s 3 P.M. over here.)

If you’re an Instagram person, we’ll be shifting over to #virtualteaparty2021.

No doubt there’ll be lots to chat about, so I hope you’ll all feel comfortable dropping by.

🫖     ❤️     ❤️     🫖     ❤️     ❤️     🫖

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