(not so) Silent Sunday

It’s been one of those weeks.

Hello, Lovely Readers!

An unexpected hardware glitch last Monday took me off-line for the rest of the week. . . and I’m not talking about any “conversion” by WordPress to their new editor, either. Speaking of which . . .

(The Widow BadAss has written an encouraging post all about that.)

Anyhoo, I’m back today with a tardy invitation to our monthly Tea Party this coming Friday, 16th October.  EVERY ONE of you wonderful peeps are invited!

I’ve tried keeping in touch visually with as many of you as possible, and IG has been usable. But this is scooping even IG.  It will be loverly getting back in touch, dear friends!

Yummy, chewy, with almost a caramel flavour.

I’ve been trying out new recipes, and think you might like this one, from Marion Cunningham’s The Fannie Farmer Baking Book.

Pardon my brevity ~  will try to return later today.

Until then, toddle pip and Cheerio!  💋  💋

PS/ Here’s the recipe:

6 thoughts on “(not so) Silent Sunday”

  1. Don’t get me started on the new block editor- I am slowly getting used to it is the best I can say- but why did wordpess pick on me to switch first, that’s what I would love to know.

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    1. We’ll never know, luv… How about a bit o’ cake to sweeten your tea? After all, you went before most of us, and deserve a treat. 🍰 And some posies, too. 💐


  2. Thanks for the link Del. I might have a closer look at the new editor when I have more time to faff about with it. For the moment, I’m sticking to the classic version.

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