silly saturday

Isn’t this wacky fabric? From, have had it stashed for about 4 years. Am making a mask for a friend.

It’s been severe storm warnings this afternoon and yesterday, with morning temps into the extreme range.

Am not complaining about the storms, as they do cool us down considerably. Phew!

But one does avoid phones, and most electric appliances… Reading from a real book is definitely safe!

As promised, here’s that recipe for the chocolate cake.

Converted this to a JPG file for uploading. You should be able to download & print it.

The raisin spice cake recipe can be found here. And there’s a Wiki article here.

The original Wacky Cake recipe is here, and it’s Wiki article is here.

Happy baking, everyone! Be sure to let us know if you try these out!

4 thoughts on “silly saturday”

  1. Both of these cakes look worth trying.
    I hope that the storm wasn’t too bad – though I actually really enjoy a good thunderstorm 🌩

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    1. I like a good ‘un, too, except when it’s right on top of me and I’m depending on air con to survive a heat wave. Then I get a tad nervous… 🙄
      Most of the country is in the midst of a huge heat wave, over 100 each day. So I really welcome the rain as it does cool things down.

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