Virtual Tea Party

Welcome, dear ones! So glad to “see” you this month!

A word before we begin . . .

I know many parts of my  country are in varying stages of reopening, but my city’s mayor, concerned about rising numbers, has mandated mask wearing. And social distancing. All of which makes it a bit diffy to eat and converse.

So let me welcome you  to this virtual feast, and let’s pretend our conversations are in person instead of in the Comments section.

What a month it’s been over here.

I thought twice about this tea party, but decided everyone might need a moment to gather together and enjoy the singular pleasure of a cup of their favourite hot or cold beverage, and a bite of something decadent to go with.

I’ve mixed up a slight variation on the Wacky Cake recipe, and I think I like it better that my family’s recipe. (It has more cocoa. 🤣)

Alas, I’ve scraped the bottom of the whole wheat barrel, and wasn’t able to do our usual bread & butter, but there’s always scones!

Had difficulty deciding what recipe to make, but in the end, since there was already a sweet, decided on a savory recipe. I’ve made these olive oil and herb scones before, and they’re delightful, especially with a hunk of cheddar on the side.

Chatter on amongst yourselves. In my little world, it’s been difficult to decide who to pay attention to. However, there’s no doubt as to what I shall ignore.  Honestly! Anyone who insists on spouting outrageous lies doesn’t deserve anyone’s time.

I’ve been doing lots of research-style reading, and will write a bit more about that later this month. Su (Zimmerbitch) sent interesting links to a New Zealand virtual film festival! But everything I wanted to see is not available in this country. Pooh! I understand why, but am still disappointed.

There is a short about one of the films that I found fascinating. If you’re feeling sad and would like a change of perspective, take a look.

Oh! Lynn (Tialys) mentioned The Clangers this week. Anybody  heard of them? Adorable episodes are available on YouTube!

Su will be out of town next month, but I plan on being here, so everyone is invited up here. I warn you, it’ll probably be hot! And might be rainy. But we shall let the good times and conversations roll on!

Cheers, everyone! Please go gently with all, especially your own lovely selves.


21 thoughts on “Virtual Tea Party”

  1. Thank you for another entertaining, delicious & information-filled post, Del!

    I just subscribed to The Clangers – Younger Daughter (20) and I haved just watched The Tail Tale – they are sooooooo adorable!

    We are also conserving our wholewheat flour while keeping an eye out for replenished stock at the stores (so far, no luck today). I think I am keeping mine for one more Walnut Loaf.

    Thank you for hosting us next month – see you then!

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    1. Delighted you & your daughter are enjoying The Clangers. But not delighted to learn you also can’t find wholewheat flour at your shop. I’ve just been ordering groceries online, and a loaf of what we used to call “good” bread–wholewheat, or organic, etc., now costs more than a 5-lb. sack of flour! Is there “something fishy” going on, or am I imagining things?! 🤨


  2. The scones do look scrummy and would make a change from sweet ones with thick cream and home made strawberry jam. Ooh, what a decision, maybe I could have both.
    I’m glad you enjoyed The Clangers – such gentle little folk – even the little sounds they make are soothing.

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  3. We’re experiencing a few days of blustery wet days in the Uk, I’m hopeful that the hot sunny days will return. Your teas always look delicious. I’m holding my breath for next weeks broadcast on You Tube of National Theatre At Home, of ‘A midsummer nights dream’ on Thursday, we will having an indoor picnic in these topsy turvy days.


  4. I’m glad you’ll still be hosting next month; we’ve got such momentum it would be a shame to lose it.

    Your scones look great; what’s not to love about herbs and cheese.

    It’s a shame that the films aren’t available, but I suspect that there will be virtual festivals popping up all around the world this year. Saul and Ruby is a great movie; the clip really shows how amazing the two men and their project are.

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    1. I suspect you’re right about film festivals multiplying virtually… must give Chicago’s a look-see!

      Heat of summer or cold of winter are normal times for us to have other things scheduled, and I’m happy to keep things ticking along. 😆

      Although I can’t guarantee to have goodies as wonderful as your little cakes, which look sooo delicious. I love persimmons & ginger❣️

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  5. Nice one Del. Your olive oil and herb scone looks very much like the damper we cook over here. A speciality when travelling and camping and delicious when cooked over a camp fire in a camp oven. Then eaten while hot dribbled with golden syrup. Hope your country soon gets its act together, very strange times at the moment. Stay safe and enjoy our virtual get together

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    1. Thank you so much, Pauline — am thrilled to know you think so! Must admit I’ve never had Golden Syrup. I’ve seen it in a few shops over the years, but always in large containers at unaffordable prices.

      I understand it’s supposed to be similar to our clear corn syrup, which is used as an ingredient rather than a spread. Have seen golden syrup listed as an ingredient but generally footnoted with that substitution. But you may never have experienced corn syrup!

      Thank you for your dear thoughts about this huge population, and wish they would, too. Have my doubts, but am trying to “keep the faith.” If I again lived in a city and had a balcony, I’d be cheering the peaceful marchers and hoping they were all registered to vote, and will do so come November.

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      1. I have not tried or seen corn syrup over here. But I think it will be similar. It is very sweet, like liquid sugar. Must admit I don’t use it at all nowadays


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