(not so) wordless Wednesday ๐Ÿ˜‰

In looking over my spare summer wardrobe before MeMadeMay I remembered a red Renfrew almost never worn.

Neatly-removed sleeves revealed where I’d cut to the seam line when easing in the sleeves.

Mind you, we’d already had several days flirting entirely too closely with 90โ„‰ when this Renfrew came to light. But would I wear it?


I doubt I’ve worn it more than once or twice since completion several years ago.ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Why? It’s a solid medium weight cotton knit and the fit is snug. But in heat & humidityย anything even slightly heavy or snug doesn’t get worn. It was forgotten during cooler weather.

Enter some Snug Hug rayon bias tape, stitched to those neatly trimmed seams where short sleeves used to be.

Would that be enough to put this back on the wearable list?

Happily, it was! And it’s been in constant rotation along with some stretch denim shorts made from leftovers of my (2014!) denim winter maxi skirt.

This is why we keep a fabric stash!


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  1. Good save! The fabric and top were far too nice not to be worn. The Renfrew is one of my favourite patterns for a top but I have also made one or two up in fabric a little too thick for the Summer before. Still, I won’t despair as, if I end up back in the U.K. which seems likely, that won’t be a problem โ˜‚

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