Save the date: Thursday 18 June

I’m a bit remiss with this month’s Save the Day for our Virtual Tea Party, and hope you’ll forgive me.

Here is Su Leslie’s lovely photography and invitation, with her kind permission to reblog.

As Su is in New Zealand, her June 18th will come before ours — assuming I’ve got that straight — and you’re welcome to attend both!


img_6898 Virtual Tea Party; an invitation

Yep, it’s that time again; a virtual afternoon tea to which everyone is invited.

The figs are finished, but I have lots of citrus on the trees, and the persimmons are good right now, so I’m sure they’ll make an appearance somewhere.

My tea-time will begin while lots of you are still asleep, but rest assured that in the blogosphere you can arrive at any time, there will always be plenty to eat, and tea never goes cold.

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