MeMadeMay 2020

My final efforts, which may seem silly, stupid, or trivial.

I don’t want to allow other people’s inhumanity to darken my thought.

The ancient ideas are practical:

“Love thy neighbour as thyself.”

“Gratitude is riches”

I hadn’t thought much about these things. They’re not worth much. Most are second- or handmade.  But to me they have beauty, and beauty is worth appreciating and sharing.

MeMadeMay has taught me a good lesson this year.

❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️     ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️     ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️

6 thoughts on “MeMadeMay 2020”

  1. Thank you, Lynn! Yes, ringing the changes can be a refreshing thing, as I’ve learnt, and that process doesn’t have to revolve around anything except the dictates of ourselves. xx


  2. Those photos look lovely in a collage. I only have a few pieces of ‘real’ jewellery..I like to have some of the faux stuff as it allows you to ring the changes without spending too much and, if and when you go off it, you don’t feel guilty giving it away.

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  3. They are all lovely pieces. I think jewellery that looks good, feels great to wear and has visual impact Is much more valuable than pieces that just cost a lot of money. Your collection here looks valuable in my eyes!!

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