Come for Tea!

Quality Control: Everyone’s favourite spice cake

Chiming in with the North American edition of Su’s Tea Time in the Blogosphere.

Welcome! It’s good to see you! Hope you all have been keeping well and are ready for a gentle entry to your weekend.

If tea seems a bit sparse this month, flour is getting worrisome yet again, so I’ve included an unusual ingredient, and we don’t usually feature a cookie.

The South is teetering on the brink of summer heat & humidity today, but don’t worry! The air con is working, so we can talk up a storm in comfort.

What’s happening in your world? What “stage” are you currently in? How’s that being interpreted? As usual, feel free to bring your latest completed or in-progress project to show off, or work on whilst having a sit down and a bite to eat.

Bake 15 to 18 minutes, or until pale gold.
Store in air tight container up to two weeks. Can also be frozen. Makes about 4 dozen.

A special request: Only honest opinions on the cookie, please!

Personally, I’m of two minds. Corn meal isn’t a particular favourite, but when I tried a sample of today’s cookie with tea, without thinking I dunked it.  Then another.  They didn’t disintegrate, and kept the distinctive corn meal crunch. So dunkers, please give it a go and let me know your verdict!

Made the batter Thursday, rolled into 2 logs and froze them overnight, then cut & baked this morning. Knife does need to be sharp.

I should report I didn’t have any cane sugar, so used dark brown sugar instead, and not the full amount the recipe calls for. Corn is naturally sweet, and American recipes in general tend to have more sugar than necessary, imho, so you can go scant on that if you liked these.

(That reminds me – This corn meal’s use-by date is next month, which begs two questions: 1. Are people not buying it so it sits on the shelves; and 2., Has it gone a bit stale as a result?  Am not a connoisseur, so haven’t a clue, but am keeping the remainder in the fridge just in case. )

Cookies do not spread so I loaded up the cookie sheets and let them bake a tad longer.

My recipe, used in the dim & distant past, is from an old issue of Sunset magazine, a California publication. I’ve a caveat for the link: Sunset asks you to allow all their adverts & still inserts some if you decline. BTW, the recipe is exactly the same as the one in my photo . . . 😉

Whoops! “Times winged what’s it” to quote the murderess in Christie’s Hallowe’en Party. Better get out the china, put on me tea frock & a bit of flash & glam. Early birds get to help set table and taste test!

Note: If your oven’s hotter in one spot, turn your cookie sheet round half way through baking. I forgot, and had to “dispose” of several overly browned ones. 🤣

15 thoughts on “Come for Tea!”

  1. I made these today using ordinary white granulated sugar (1/2 cup in deference to your comment about sweetness). They are very good! Didn’t dunk one yet but might brave that later. When I make them again I could be persuaded to try a brown sugar to alter the flavour.
    Thanks for the recipe 😁

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    1. Delighted that you tried the recipe and found it edible, then let me know! By all means, try brown sugar and I’ll do the same if I make them again. Summer weather has set in, so baking is now on the back burner, and that’s turned off in deference to the heat & humidity. 🥵

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    1. Unpacking can be a chore sometimes, but I look forward to seeing my things in different surroundings. Sometimes gives me great new ideas!


  2. These look interesting. I have some cornmeal so I may give them a try if I have everything else available. We’re ok on flour atm, and the supply chain seems to be improving here in the uk. I hope you get flour reliably again soon.

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  3. I really like the idea (and look) of these cookies Del. I use cornmeal a bit anyway and probably have some, so will try these as soon as we’ve finished the tea party leftovers.

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    1. Hope you can give these a try, Su. 🤞 And let us know how you get on with the recipe, and what you think of the taste & consistency. (Are you a dunker?) xx

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        1. I do love a good gingernut but haven’t had any in aaages. (sigh…).
          No pressure on the dunking, just if you happen to think of it. I was quite surprised to find myself doing it with a “new” biscuit…

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