Happy Mother’s Day

First, hello, Lovely Readers!  How’s your week gone? Hope everyone is holding up under whatever rules & regs are in place in your space.

Today is Mother’s Day in the U.S., so Happy Mother’s Day to you all, but let’s extend that to all Mothers in any country.

And let’s extend it to all those Dads who’ve had to be both Mum & Dad.

We’ve been having wonderfully cool weather, and I’m sending a giant THANK YOU to Canada for shipping it down to us.   ❤️   🇨🇦   ❤️

It’s been heavenly — mostly breezy with low humidity and 60’s for highs. As we’ve really had no winter to speak of, the prolongation of moderate temps is MOST appreciated.

[Could we talk about repetitions in June, July, August, September…]

Having recently met folks who had no idea there was such a thing as raw peanut butter, which separates quite naturally if not stirred, I looked it up, and discovered our Northern Neighbours created it! Another reason to be grateful to Canada! 🇨🇦

🐸 Crochet 🐸
Crocheting continued until Thursday, when I thought I had finished the ski hat and could go on to the pompom. Then I tried it on. Oops.

The bulky superwash wool yarn I was using was bulkier and less stretchy than I’d bargained for.

Currently the cap would fit a very short and extra-wide head. Am preparing to rip it, and maybe do a scarf instead. . . .

Friday’s #VirtualTeaParty2020
Still unable to purchase whole wheat flour for my weekly loaf, I started reading about substitutions. Taking my own advice, I did a quick check on the Library of Congress’ website, wondering about flour substitutes. Found a few things that might be doable, if I can get corn meal. Both are circa 1918. You can see them in situ here and here.

Photo by SDP ~ thank you!

If anybody’s missed my Wacky Cake or Boiled Raisin Cake recipes, they’re here and here. And here’s a variation, kindly sent down to me from SDP’s collection.

Friday’s #VirtualTeaParty2020
Please do stop by either Su’s place, on the 14th New Zealand/Southern Hemisphere reckoning, or right here on Friday, the 15th if you’re Northern Hemisphere/East Coast North America, or both.

Come as you are, or in your best bib & tucker. No need to bring anything, but you can if you want. There’s always an interesting assortment of peoples and conversations about food, recipes, coping, whatever. But we keep it civilised. It is a Tea Party. 😉


P.S./ Here’s a closer look at that page with recipes . . .

8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Is it just wheat flour that’s in short supply? I have a few recipes that use spelt or buckwheat flours. I confess though that my experiments haven’t been wonderfully successful in that regard. Hope your experiments work out better 🙂

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    1. Am supposed to receive some corn meal in today’s order, but they reported nothing else on shelves except self-rising flour, which won’t do for bread.
      I know what spelt is, and buckwheat is a bit more familiar. I doubt the “average” buyer around here knows what they are, much less has any use for them. Have not seen them in stores except as perhaps in a buckwheat pancake mix.
      I’ve never tried ’em meself, and don’t have any recipes to suggest to you. Sorry your experiments haven’t been successful.
      Will try some cookies with this corn meal, and there are always the standard corn meal muffins… But both do use regular flour as well, just not as much. 🙄

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  2. I get confused with Mothers’ Days. You’ve just had yours, in the U.K. we had it back in March and the one in France is yet to come. When one of my daughters was still living in France I managed to wangle the U.K. one and the French one but, now they’ve both decamped to the U.K. I have to manage with just the one. 🤣

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    1. If Mr. T is still your side the channel when the French one comes, he needs to celebrate it with you. Tell him long-distance mums have special privileges because it’s extra difficult. He’s on notice!

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