Tea party menu…

Feeling knackered, but very delighted with this month’s guests, all of whom seemed to enjoy themselves.  Will report more anon.

The gingerbread was a hit. At one point I think there were several opinions on how to slice it.

(I used an 8″ square pan, and had pre-cut that into four sort of even sections. At one point I saw long slices, but am certain I also saw some square ones…)

The usual hot buttered toast appeared, and the favoured jam, and I must make a correction to the jam content. It’s not acai — I read the label.  There’s a photo above for those who live near a Trader Joe’s and want a jar for themselves.

Earlier in the week I’d tried to make a chicken & rice dish, and decided at the last minute to add dried peas. They didn’t cook long enough and were still crunchy.  I’d put the whole thing in a pot on a back burner to simmer for a few hours, figuring it would be just right after tea.

Then someone spied it, lifted the lid and inquired about the contents and intended eventual use… For a while I think some tea cups had chicken rice soup rather than tea! After a general discussion, more Seasoning was added, and pronounced “rather good.”

(It’s been a cold day, around 50 degrees, so people thought soup was a great idea, and I wasn’t about to disagree.)

Perhaps a few more photos on another day, after I’ve had a sleep.  But before I toddle off to nod, I wonder if there’s a bite of gingerbread left . . . . . 😉

10 thoughts on “Tea party menu…”

  1. Ooh, I might rustle up a ginger cake this afternoon if Mr. Tialys will let me have some of his flour earmarked for breadmaking. Not sure if I have any molasses sugar left but if so I’ll use it for ultimate stickiness.

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    1. As, if I don’t presume too much, Mr. T will be able to share your ginger cake, he should be willing to share his flour. Turn about is fair play. 😉 Good luck with your plan! xx

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  2. You have been very creative Del. No wonder you are ready for a “power nap” I had intended to do some more baking this week, but when I went on my “outing” to the grocery shop ( I get all excited about an outing to the supermarket these days!!!) I couldn’t resist Tim Tams on half price special, so of course I bought 2 packets. Do you have these decadent biscuits in your supermarket?

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    1. Yes! I know Tim Tams, which is what I learnt to dunk! My Sydneyside mate told me about them when we were neighbours in Chicago. After several boxes, I realised they were really too sweet for my taste, and that’s when she suggested I try digestives. The only brand I see over here consistently is McVities, and I’ve been consuming them ever since. Sadly, I never see Tim Tams down here in the south… 😞

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      1. I find Tim Tams very addictive so only buy them when they are on special every few months. You can also get the digestives with a coat of chocolate on the back now too

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        1. I’ve tried those chocolate coated ones but decided I prefer the original, plain digestives. The extra dark 70% chocolate Petit Ecolier is my chocy biscuit of choice. 😉

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