Textile Tuesday

(The above piccies are repeated here from a 2015 post that is referenced below.)

Linking up with Wild Daffodil’s Textile Tuesday post. She’s unearthed some fabulous fabrics, and I’ve linked her to a 2015 post of my own. (And copied the photos from that post above.)

In the 2015 post I was mumbling on about swapping out winter clothing for spring, and showed some of the sweaters and fabrics involved in my musings.  (See above.)

Below is a photo taken just now, showing how I combined the green corduroy and the upholstery fabric into two 20″ pillows.

I could have done one all-green fabric and one all-upholstery fabric, but chose to make them identical, so half-and-half they had to be. Now they match.

I generally show the green in summer and as they’re corduroy, have the nap going down so the shading matches. The upholstery pattern side I use in winter.

That reminds me… still have some of that green cord . . . 🤔


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        1. Not to my knowledge (is there a particular blog group). Do a search with “blog” and “refashion” and similar words, in your social media and you’ll find long lists. Happy reading! 🤓

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    1. Thank you, Cathy! I generally don’t have space for storing too many things, so make do as best I can. 😉 And as the upholstery fabric was gifted I couldn’t get any more, so went to my stash to see what I could match it with. Luckily I had that corduroy. Hope that makes sense!


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