Sunday sevens 2020#2

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Don’t know about you, Lovely Readers, but long distance socialising has started taking rather larger chucks of my day than it used to.

NOT that I’m complaining! Noooo, not by a long chalk!

But so long as there’s wholemeal (whole wheat) flour and yeast in the bins, the bread-making will continue!

Didn’t think much had happened last week until I started looking at all the photos… There was a quiet walk early on, to check how the plants were holding up under the seesaw temps.

Rather a peeky show from the ornamental fruit trees blossoming, the tulips round the office were looking mangy (well, it was almost 90 the end of March), but trees and bushes were beginning to bud out.

Finally wrangled a parcel delivery from Vogue Fabrics out of  officialdom and am mightily pleased with both items!

In the sink, about to be “baptized” in hot, soapy water

A metal, 24″ French ruler is going to be a of great use as I’m learning how to use it for curves, watching Peggy Sagers’ excellent Fit2Stitch programs on our public broadcasting system.

(There are also a lot of them, as well as other short videos, on her YouTube channel.)

And has anyone tried any of Sagers’ patterns, at Silhouette Patterns?

Of course it would have been irresponsible to have ordered a metal ruler without including some padding, for protection whilst shipping, of course.

Not to infer that their packing and shipping isn’t extremely  superlative! No, they’re great!  But getting things half way cross the country from Evanston,  just north of Chicago, to me, several stones throw from the Atlantic…

This is such a gorgeous colour & hand… cool & comforting & constantly draped around my shoulders… what to sew it up into?

Well, that clearly required something additional. I decided to go with my love of viscose/rayon, and the anxiety of not having a really good animal print in yeeears.

This more than adequately fills the bill, although it won’t get made up into the faux jumpsuit I’d originally envisioned.

Am now thinking blouse of the p-bowed variety. But am also thinking about a midi-dress length along the lines of one of the current favourite dresses with tiered skirts. But can’t quite decide yet.

(And — please understand & forgive me! – I’m being rather selfish now  because I’m not gonna link to the fabric until I’ve decided whether to get how much more to order.)

So much of last week was spent right here, in front of the you-know-what. But guess I wasn’t alone with that, as so many people around the globe were doing the same thing.

Gonna be changes coming, folks, and I am delighted with so many of them. Hope you are, too.  Let’s see what this week brings. Meanwhile,

Stay Healthy, Stay Strong,

Stay Home & Sew!


OK, so this is in front of a computer instead of a sewing machine. Would you believe I was researching patterns? 😘 😆 😘



12 thoughts on “Sunday sevens 2020#2”

  1. Nice parcel! Can I suggest that the metal curve can also be used to threaten anyone disturbing you while you’re busy with a pattern? Don’t actually stab then with it – you might damage the curve!

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  2. The days are just flying by. I don’t understand it. I guess it might be because the time of day or the day of the week just don’t mean anything at the moment.
    Lovely, fabric – A soft, drapey blouse of tunic sounds just the ticket to me.

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