friday, sweet friday…

It’s that time again

Oops… wrong day. I’m thinking “Sunday, sweet Sunday with nothing to do” from the musical “Flower Drum Song.”

Just looked it up on YT, and the song’s setting is not what I think of when that line comes to mind. I’m quite happy having Sundays to meself, thank you!

Those for whom self-isolation is more torturous have my sincere condolences.

I hope you’re reaching out via phone and internet, contacting and being contacted by loads of people, perhaps learning a new hobby with online help, or just catching up on your rest.

Ready & waiting!

As you see (right), my sewing table finally got cleared off for last Tuesday’s Virtual Tea Party, and this morning I got the vacuum out.

Not implying the immaculate guests left crumbs!

I got it out mostly to get rid of the dust I swept off the ceiling fan blades today. Summer is here and the AC had to go on, which meant the fan needed to be on as well, which meant… you get the picture. 🤪

Now for a nice nap, so I’ll be ready to tackle that pattern

Hope wherever you are, dear readers, you’re staying safe and healthy!

❤️   ❤️   ❤️   ❤️   ❤️

14 thoughts on “friday, sweet friday…”

  1. Your tea party blog is a delightful theme.
    The way you present it makes me oops! drool.
    This post introduced me to a musical I had over looked.
    After visiting your blog I realised your liking my comment on Pauline’s post was an achievement for me. Thank you.

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  2. No, the two girls are both in the U.K. – within walking distance of each other but one lives with her boyfriend and one lives alone so I’m more worried about the latter in case they’re eventually locked down completely. Ideally, they would move in together but I can only gently suggest it and hope the hint is taken.

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  3. We have to stay within a kilometre or two of the house but that’s fine as we have a large plot here so don’t have to venture too far to give the dogs (and ourselves) plenty of exercise.

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  4. Thank you, Cathy! I do hope your on-again/off-again move gets sorted soon and in the kindest and easiest-for-you way possible. Weather here today is “unsettled” with sprinkles as a cooler front moves in. YEAH!


  5. Good ‘un, Su, good ‘un! 🤣
    I had to look up brassicas, but now I can ask which kind(s) did you sew? And according to one place, it said good to attract deer. Is that what you’re going for? 🤣


  6. These virtual parties are a nightmare to clean up after!! 😉
    Happy pattern cutting sewing. I’m doing a different kind of sewing today — brassica seeds for the winter garden.

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  7. Happy sewing day, I would say to you. If I weren’t preparing for ahouse move then I would be joining you for some sewing too. The weather is sunny here but still on the chilly side. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend. Take care xx

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