Water’s hot, bread’s buttered – come on over!

Just about ready . . .

A hearty welcome to you all! To you coming from  the U.K. and Europe…

and all you lovelies from Down Under who started tea our yesterday.

Thank you for coming, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀

Have waited a day to celebrate  because I’ve a recipe to share. Besides my usual brown loaf, toasted or plain, we have . . .

Oops!  Just realised I forgot to get out the jams: raspberry and a mix of blueberry, acai and I don’t remember what else. Just a tick  —

As I was saying, have some toasted or not Irish Buttermilk Soda Bread, and a recipe. Made a pdf so you should be able to download. If not, let me know in a Comment below.

Irish Soda Bread

I’ve toasted and buttered  pieces of the soda bread so you can see how it does, and have a nibble.

Half the rest of the loaf awaits cutting, and the toaster is all warmed up.

It makes quite a solid bread, and freezes nicely. As you can see, I didn’t use golden raisins as they’re a bit diffy to find here. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed in their taste.

Now, have you introduced yourselves? Everybody happily drinking and eating?

Hope to have plenty of time to meet and have a chat with you all, and again, thank you for coming!

As Su wrote, “Since Covid 19 is such a huge issue impacting all of us, I’ll get my update out of the way and let you all decide whether you want to discuss or ignore the virus in your own comments and posts.”

I’m choosing not to go on about it myself, and just enjoy talking with everyone. But please feel free to do as you choose.

🍀  Happy St. Patrick’s Day !  🍀




21 thoughts on “Water’s hot, bread’s buttered – come on over!”

  1. It was such a quiet St Patrick’s Day in Singapore this year – we usually have a parade and a pretty significant street party afterwards – and the pubs around our island have the Guinness flowing. Sadly, none of that this year.

    Good to hear you managed to celebrate in a fashion. I tried soda bread once before and it didn’t work out too well (not sure why it crumbled). I am now inspired to try again.

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    1. Sorry that Guinness across the globe got distinctly shorted this year, but am certain that will be made up for at the proper time. 😉
      Too bad about your prior experience with soda bread. I do hope your next attempt will be successful❣️
      I’m still pulling remnants out of the freezer, as this recipe makes for a crowd. And I don’t mean the virtual sort! 😆 Take care & stay safe!! 😘😘


  2. Hi there! Coming over from Su’s tea party and these breads look divine! Bread is absolutely my weakness and homemade bread… forget about it! The blueberry acai jam sounds absolutely delicious too! Wishing you a restful and healthy weekend!


    1. Hello, and thanks for stopping by! So nice to meet you via Su’s party, to share our love of breads. Hope you’re having a healthy weekend as well.


    1. Can’t speak for Mr. B, but I’ve had the best time meeting new people, and thank you sooooooo much for suggesting tea time in the New Year! We never know what life’s going to turn into, do we?! xx

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  3. This looks so delicious Del. I love soda bread but have never made a fruit version, so thank you for the recipe. I’ll let you know when I make it.

    Happy (belated) St Patrick’s Day

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    1. You’re so welcome, Su! Thank you for your tarts, which have reminded me I’ve meant to try out frozen strudel sheets… wonder if there’s any in the shops these days?! 🤪 😆

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    1. Sorry for the delay, Dear One, especially as I had such a lovely time listening to your post. It’s been doing dishes, putting things away, freezing leftovers, all the back side of having guests… as I expect you’ve had a bit of down your way. 😉
      Now I’ve had a good lie in and am feeling caught up on things, will take time from day to day to read some of your posts. So you may find me popping up in the darnedest places every so often. Will try not to startle you, or be a pest, as I’m also a quite-busy-on-me-own sort. And I won’t wonder if I don’t hear back. I know how busy it can sometimes be.
      It was lovely to meet you, and enjoy your lovely tea and fig jam! I do hope we’ll share more tea times this year. virtual hugs from a lot farther than 6 feet!

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  4. Thank you for the recipe, the bread looks scrummy.
    I can get the golden raisins (sultanas??) here but not the buttermilk. I made blueberry muffins yesterday which called for buttermilk and used half natural yoghurt and half semi-skimmed milk, as suggested by the Domestic Goddess herself, and they turned out fine.

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    1. You’re so welcome, Lynn! Glad you could stop by and delighted, as always, to see you. I like that combo from TDG, rather than the milk/lemon juice or white vinegar substitute generally suggested over here. Still have some buttermilk left, and should try that scone recipe that uses it (cranberry I think it is), but right now am happy to sit and natter a bit.


  5. And to you too- I had a couple of wonderful weekends 12 years ago in Northern Ireland when my husband worked there, including being in Belfast for the St Patrick’s day parade.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cathy! That must have been some parade. Is there a river there and do they dye it green as they do in Chicago? And young college people would spend the day going from bar to bar… Not this year! (Perhaps not a bad thing in some ways. 🥴)


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