Sunday Sevens #2020-1

This week’s loaf

Dear friend Ali suggested I  start Sunday Sevens again, and as I’m owing a post anyway, will chime in with one of me own, as started by the lovely Natalie.

S.O.S to anyone who’s used the Hudson Pant pattern:

Is this a proper fabric?  “Viscose, Nylon, Spandex blend; 40% crosswise stretch, 65% lengthwise stretch.”

I won’t be putting ribbing at the ankles. Anybody had experience either pro or con with that?  Haven’t made this pattern before and can’t touchy-feely as it’s from an online US shop (and the last on the bolt so am not linking to it.) 😉

Thoughts & Suggestions gratefully appreciated ❣️ ❣️ ❣️

I’ve not had any probs staying inside this past week because I’d just discovered two fascinating-to-moi YouTube channels, Trinny and Fit2Stitch.

Between the two, all my previous, albeit nebulous, wardrobe plans have shifted rather dramatically. Guess it’s not such a bad thing I didn’t push myself into sewing new things.  🤪

Thanks to The Fold Line for their Sunday reviews of new podcasts, vlogs, etc., because it was a Joey Sewy episode that put me onto Trinny. As Jo said, “She’s crazy as a fish,” but I love her fashion sense.
Her style and make-up tips are even for us ladies “with leisure,” no matter what body shape.

As for pattern fitting, must say Peggy Sagers of Silhouette Patterns makes a lot of sense. I’ve yet to try her ideas out, but the time is coming. Must take another look at her patterns, too…

Betwixt all this I somehow got looking at BBC’s Women’s Hour podcast list and heard a good’un: “Sacrificing for Fashion.” It starts at  24 min. and runs to 33.5 min.

After listening to it, I was delighted to see Trinny in white trainers. I’ve seen and envied Karen Ball’s wearing them in all colours, but didn’t know how to get that look for myself.

Thanks to Trinny, now I can. Anyone have recommendations for reasonably priced ones on this side the pond? Zara’s look like  platforms, so I’m not eager to fork over money.

Lastly, so’s you don’t think the sewing machine’s been gathering too much dust, here are my three rice bags.

The largest is holding up the phone, but generally sits on the floor as a door stop.

The two half-size red ones live in different places, depending on needs. They have more space inside so a camera or a phone can sit comfortably. Come to think of it, there’s a cup needs a bit glued on . . . 🙄

Hope everyone is adapting to their new routine & staying well.

Many thanks for all the goodness and joy you’re sharing online!

❤️ 🧵 ✂️ ❤️ 🧵 ✂️ ❤️

7 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #2020-1”

  1. A good week. I haven’t watched Trinny but might evict The Management and do that sometime soon. Trainers are wonderfully comfortable, and supportive too. I suffered a very sore back on Monday after a day with lots of walking in ‘normal ‘ shoes. I couldn’t believe the difference my trainers make. Invest – you won’t regret it!

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    1. Thank you so much for telling me about your trainers, Kim! Over here the less expensive ones generally have no support… well, always have none, from my experience trying them. And as getting somewhere with the more upscale ones if expensivew and time consuming, I hadn’t gone past finally finding a pair of grey from LL Bean. They’re good, but did cost a bundle. And they’re grey. DARK grey. Which doesn’t feature in my wardrobe. With so much summer weather here I really want a pair of white or red or even navy (think denim?) so will join the online frenzy and try to find some.Meanwhile, will enjoy hearing and seeing piccies of your travels, and always your sewing!
      PS/Do share what you think of Trinny’s “new” online persona. I’m not fond of her always showing Zara, but perhaps she’s appealing to a worldwide audience. After all, we can just sew up an equivalent! What d’you think about her racetrack speed?


      1. My trainers are ASICS which are actually sports trainers. They aren’t particularly pretty but I’ll take function over beauty after Monday!


  2. I haven’t made Hudsons but have made some workout leggings with similar sounding fabric. I think, if there is no directional print, you’re right to cut out with the biggest stretch going round the body.
    Love the fabric you used for your rice bags.

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    1. Thank you, thank you, Lynn, for your comments! Now to order fabric & download pattern. Although I may send the file off, with others, and have the large paper pattern printed. I downloaded the directions from Curvy Sewing Collective and have sorted through my PDF files, and as I have to await fabric anyway… 🥴
      Hope you’re doing alright there, with all your four-footed friends. xxxx
      Oh, do pop over for tea tomorrow. Hope to have a special holiday treat for everyone. ☘️

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  3. Welcome back to Sunday’s Sevens Del!
    I like to start listening to pod casts, it’d be good whilst I’m sewing so I’ll check out your links this week.
    And the Hudson’s – I’ve made 2 pairs. One in a sweatshirt fabric with not much stretch and my animal print ones in a viscose jersey. Both turned out fab so anything with a bit of stretch will work. Good luck😘😘

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    1. Thanks! Hadn’t realised you’ve made 2 Hudsons. Missed that the animal print ones are… or just forgot. Duh! Will cut mine with most stretch going around the body. 😉 xx


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