textile tuesday

Joining along with Wild Daffodil, here are a couple of photos I took to remind me of this fabric.  It tends to hide away in Winter Stash and I forget it.

The nap is very irregular, unlike a velour or velvet. When light hits it, it gleams alluringly –the swirl of colours glowing with added silvery and golden light.


I’ve worn it in winter as an additional very large scarf, but it slipped and slid everywherer. Too fiddly. So I undid the couple of seams and sent it back to Winter Stash. And I forget all about it. . . .

Wish I could figure out what to do with it.

Any ideas?

12 thoughts on “textile tuesday”

  1. No ideas of my own but a kimono sounds very appealing. The V&A are having a kimono exhibition soon so they are on my mind – and that is very beautiful fabric 😍

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  2. My grandmother, used to have a totally impractical red chenille tablecloth on a table in the front room. I recall it caught the light in fascinating ways and felt so lovely. I can see your fabrics beauty, might it be calling out to be used more for display, in lovely plump cushions, coverlet or sofa throw?

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    1. Having worn my fabric I think I’d prefer to make something wearable, as I enjoyed it so much. But I can appreciate that red chenille tablecloth from your memory. It must have been a stunner!

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