A virtual tea party

Joining in with Su from Zimmerbitch to report on my yesterday’s tea party por moi.

Nothing baked in my cupboard currently, but my favourite, store bought goodie is to hand, so . . .

Lu’s Petit Ecolier of the 70% dark chocolate variety reminded me that many North Americans don’t know the joy of dunking your biscuit/cookie into your hot beverage.

In last night’s cup is Trader Joe’s decaf Irish Breakfast and a bit of hot milk. No sweetening necessary, thank you.

If I’m energetic this dunking process will appear on IG. After all, with dunking, timing is all important. Else you lose whatever portion of your biscuit/cookie you’re dunking. 😉

May I hasten to add that McVitie’s Original Digestives are my second choice, and also always to hand. Those I particularly enjoy with a cuppa hot chocolate.

Afternoon tea isn’t much known in the U.S., but there was a time, when I was first working in our nation’s centre, that I spent time with a company that had regular afternoon tea breaks, complete with trolley.

A brew and a story for next time we gather . . .

Meanwhile, toodles, Lovely Tea Party Peeps, and many, many thanks to Su for picking up the tea ball to get us started.

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