new tools 😁

It was 85F last Sunday, with humidity high enough to make it feel like 90.

Needless to say, I decided not to work on flannel trousers. Am leaving that for the weekend, when a cold front traveling cross-country should arrive.

Instead, I completed a little sleeve lengthening project I’ve been meaning to get done for… um, several years. Ever since friend Ali sent over some gorgeousness from John Lewis haberdashery.

The jacket is a cotton linen made in 2013 from Folkwear’s Middy Blouse. It hasn’t gotten much wear despite my liking it very much. The weather just hadn’t cooperated, or I forgot about it, or whatever. I still need to re-sew those facings down more firmly, and then I’ll iron it.

Which brings me to hand sewing. I’d quite gone off that, but after reading Karen Ball’s The Little Book of Sewing (click the pic to go to the U.S. site) decided to try it again and realised several things. Mostly that I needed a proper thimble.

But what’s “proper?” Online research landed me on Karen’s blog, where I read fascinating comments about different kinds of thimbles for different kinds of hand sewing.

Since I only had two decorative thimbles sent by my dear Midlands friend (you know who you are, Lovely), and a too-large metal one, I decided it was time for some additions.

They arrived today, along with an ergonomic seam ripper and thread wax, both of which I’d been meaning to acquire.

Will report my thoughts, and there’s already another item I’m hunting. Will keep you posted. 😉

So, Dear Readers, any thoughts on thimbles?

21 thoughts on “new tools 😁”

    1. A silicon one? That sounds interesting! Do you remember the manufacturer, or any other identifying bits? I’d love to look it up and learn more. Would you have time to write more about it, any problems you have with it, that sort of thing? Thank you for letting me know!


      1. I’ve seen one brand here with a slightly wider range of sizes, but they’re all in plastic packaging, so you can check circumference, but not the actual fit ☹️

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        1. Interesting. Most of ours are packaged so you can actually insert your finger into the thimble to test the size. But that also includes the plastic encasing the thimble. Is that what you have, too?

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          1. No, the ones I’ve seen are in blister packs with a backing so you can’t put your finger into them. The packaging has a hole supposedly the same size as the thimble at its widest point. Hopeless really!!

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            1. Ouch. 😣 I agree. Quite hopeless.
              This Dritz “Soft Comfort Thimble” allows you to insert your finger into the silicon (?) thimble itself.
              Is there any shop within your “reach” that could get some for you on a trial basis? Perhaps a quilting shop?

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    1. Am so sorry you can’t…😪 Yes, I like the shape of this little jacket very much, and wonder if I’d like it as a blouse… minus at least half the back collar as it weighs down the neck, at least with this fabric. The pattern was very easy to put together, and I should give it another go. . . . .


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