wordless wednesday—not

Sometimes the heavens seem to be agin ye, then you discover the cloud has a silvery lining.

Such was the case when I couldn’t find my usual large flower vase. Ayee! What to do?

I got out all my empty jars and used them. And golly, I didn’t think the results were half bad. 😉

ps/Yes, the vase was “found,” hiding in plain sight. 🙄


10 thoughts on “wordless wednesday—not”

  1. I wish! No, Lovely One, no garden round this very regulated landscaped complex. No composting, no planting and a company comes once a week to mow and do whatever needs to be done such as composting and pruning. Weeding isn’t a chore because they mulch heavily, but I have seen men take a weed wacker to the mulch around trees if anything dares show its’ head. Imagine the dust that kicks up!


    1. Know what you mean. I just have the one large vase. What do you do with sunflowers? We tend to get very large ones here that would tip over even when stems are short. Any solution appreciated! 😉

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      1. I have on tall narrow vase which is ok for really large flowers. Unfortunately it is narrower at the top than the bottom, so I either have to strip off leaves, or buy fewer flowers 😬

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        1. Your vase sounds very lovely! My only source for flowers are the prepackaged bouquets at the grocer. A quandary when either you don’t like the mixture or you just want one or two, as were my problems this week. You are fortunate to be able to choose!
          (Thinking of you this morning whilst enjoying a breakfast kiwi from New Zealand. Yummmm!! Thank you, N.Z. 🥰🥰)


  2. A woman after my own heart. I more often use teapots, milk jugs, jam jars, water carafes etc. than vases. Only if I’ve received a big bouquet for birthday or anniversary do I break out a vase. Otherwise, the others do perfectly and look cute with wildflowers, a single rose, etc.

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    1. Any suggestion for large-headed sunflowers that tend to tip over any small vase even with short stems? 😉 Yes, single flowers do look absolutely lovely in small containers! 🌹


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