what i didn’t do on my summer vacation

A couple of days into my impromptu Labor Day Week of vacation somebody decided it was time to pay a visit. Perhaps you’ve heard? A little thing called Dorian.

This is one dangerous, dithery dame. Definitely not to be taken lightly. Certainly not a dame to be invited into a sewing circle. So I had to drop a few plans to start prepping.

Thus, vacation is being “extended” until she decides to “make that turn” away from the coastline and hopefully into the total oblivion she so richly deserves.

My ickle sewing spot is positioned far enough off the coast to avoid a direct visit, if she makes that turn. Everybody cross your extremities, pleeze!

So. What have I planned to keep me occupied Thursday and Friday?

Those thoughtful Canadians, Caroline & Helen of Love to Sew had a great podcast last week about planning your dream wardrobe. If anybody needs that, I do.

A HUGE Thank You to you both!

As the eagle-eyed amongst you may observe, there’s also a PDF in that piccie, ready to be assembled and tried out. You know, in case one should have nothing to do.

🤣 L.O.L.!!! 🤣

Fingers & tootsies crossed, will be back with you shortly with a wardrobe report. Meanwhile, be safe, Lovely Ones. 😘 ❣️ 😘

PS/Mystery lovers, did you see this article? I can vouch for Tey as being extremely enjoyable… 😁

PPS/(My thanks to she-knows-who for printing. 😉)

9 thoughts on “what i didn’t do on my summer vacation”

  1. Hope you are ok.
    I read The Daughter of Time as a teenager and was hooked on Tey’s work. Have you read the series of books by Nicola Upson which feature Josephine Tey as the central character?

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  2. Stay safe – we don’t suffer the storms you do here in the uk for which I am very grateful.
    My MIL used to read The and recommended her to me but I haven’t read any yet. Have you tried Mary Stewart (another MIL choice, but I’ve read them all now). I’ve just been given a Garth Nix boo called Salabriel by a friend and I’m devouring it!

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    1. Thank you, Kim❣️ Yes, I’ve read a Mary Stewart. Ithought she was more a romantic author than mystery. It was okay, but I haven’t picked up another. I found the Teys all very different. She definitely wasn’t a formula author.

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