Goodness, it’s past noon and all I’ve done is faff about online in a reclining position.

Yes, I’m feeling fine quite pleased with meself. I spent yesterday afternoon energetically chopping up various veggies and throwing them in with some chicken breasts. Delicious dinner, and will be yummy leftovers.

The weather has taken a decided turn for the better. A lovely cold front is coming down from Canada and I for one am immmmmmmmensely grateful!

I write “coming” because we’re having off-and-on rain today, which we badly need, whilst the air is a good 20 almost 30 degrees cooler than yesterday. The coming week looks almost as nice, with lower than normal temps forecast, and humidity well under 100%.

Next weekend is a 3-day weekend for us (U.S. Labor Day). That used to be the Line of Demarcation between Summer and Fall. (I prefer to say “Autumn,” as the other can seem negative, and who wants anything negative connected to their favourite season?!)

Parades used to feature local union members. Barbecue enthusiasts prepared to put their mitts into Winter storage. If you were lucky, the old hand churn came out for a last batch of homemade ice cream.

Ah! The last Summer holiday—with an endless school year looming between it and next May’s Memorial Day, when the end of school would be mere days away.

The last hurrah, when everyone put away summer clothes and whites (shoes, hats, gloves, handbags) were seen no more. Reflecting back, it always seemed a bittersweet holiday.

Nevertheless, in order to celebrate it and the weather change I’ve decided to take the coming week off. Heheheeee!

Do I have plans? Umm, vaguely. . . (where’s that sly smirk emoji?)

7 thoughts on “elevensies’”

  1. Enjoy your relaxation time. I’m alone after a visit from my MIL. The Management took her home yesterday and won’t be back until tomorrow night. I feel like I’m in holiday 😁

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    1. Thank you!
      I remember that feeling of having the place to myself. The quiet, the sense of utter freedom, not having to conform to someone else…
      Enjoy your time as well, Kim! (And maybe plan a little weekend for yourself later in the year? 🤫)

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      1. Sorry! That got cut off. Maybe… we shall see. 😉 And thank you!! Painting, re-padding & re-covering is a big job. Am certain you’re doing a great updating. Eager to see your results!


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