denim: 🥰 or ☹️ ???

Do you love denim?

Guess you could say I love the colour, but not the heavy fabric itself.

I’m all into soft and flowy fabrics. Perhaps part of my non-appreciation of denim is due to not seeing good quality denim fabric, but a lot of it is sheer ignorance. You can find anything on the web, but you gotta know what to look for, right?

So curiosity, and knowing I would get solid facts presented intelligently by women that know their fabrics had me listening to Love to Sew’s latest podcast on denim.

And I got all the info and links anticipated, plus a lovely surprise that had me looking at denim fabric, just out of curiosity, you understand… . . 😉

How long have I been a fan of Helen and Caroline, the hosts of Love to Sew? Probably not that long, considering they’ve been presenting a podcast a week for two years. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ! ! ! 🥂 💐 But I’ve done a lot of listening to older podcasts, and have recommended some to friends, too.

The photo (she said we could use it) is Helen wearing a dress she refashioned in 2016 from three pairs of her partner’s old jeans. Her blog post details how she did it. Definitely a woman who knows her way around some denim!

But the best news for denim lovers is Caroline (who owns Blackbird Fabrics in Vancouver) is doing a Denim Drop tomorrow. Yep. FRIDAY! (Now you know why I went browsing. hehehehee!)

Earlier this summer I ordered a bit of non-denim lusciousness from Blackbird but am caught in August’s intense heat so haven’t made it up yet. Blackbird’s U.S. shipping is good, and all you lovelies in U.K. and beyond should check their rates before automatically turning away.

Blackbird is a Canadian shop, and they know how to make it all happen for sewers around the world. Their packaging is well thought out and recyclable.

See you Lovelies tomorrow at the sale?!

Edited Friday noon: Just checked out Blackbird and don’t see any label of major sale or new denim as yet… but there’s a 100% viscose that looks drapey interesting…

6 thoughts on “denim: 🥰 or ☹️ ???”

  1. I love denim. I must admit that, during the winter months, i’m rarely out of jeans. I had trouble finding denim to make traditional type jeans with though – i.e. heavyish, dark indigo denim – both lots of yardage I’ve brought have streaked in the wash, even though the second lot claimed to have been pre- washed. I got a refund for the first but the second lot isn’t too bad I suppose so I will use it when the weather cools down.
    If you like the colour of denim but not the weight chambray must be your answer mustn’t it?
    Have fun at the denim drop today – I had a look and was rather taken with their coloured bull denim.

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    1. Just peeked in the window, Lynn, and those are the same denims/prices I saw earlier in the week. They’re West Coast, so 3 hours behind us, and we’re 6 hours behind you… So at noon your time it’s only 3 in the morning there, if I’ve done the sums right. Might explain a few things. 😉 (Thought of your blog posts when they were talking about the vagaries of denims with stretch.)


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