macro monday

Not a macro, but to identify the flower. I can never remember!

Edited to add:

Flower is Peruvian Lily (thank you!) which I am more apt to remember than the Latin Astr…whatever! This little posy are the last and yellowing remnants of a larger vase, longer stemmed, from last week. Am enjoying them as long as possible. 😉 Here’s a Wiki:

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  1. Not to worry! Join the crowd! Unfortunately, on my current set-up there’s the teensiest space between the end of the Reply block and the Reply button. Which is just above the Delete key….. can you visualize the errors I make?? Lol! 🤣

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  2. Will have to lookup that tii part, and I beg pardon as I’m seeing comments in WordPress time, which isn’t necessarily chronological. 🙀


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